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Want ideas to help you gain more email subscribers? One of the best ways to grow your list is through the time-trusted method of offering a lead magnet – a valuable piece of content in exchange for an email address.

If you want to be a successful forex affiliate, a large email list is often a huge component of that success. Hopefully, you’re already trying a little harder than saying “hey, I have a newsletter about forex, you should subscribe!”. People get enough emails, people. They want something of real value in exchange for putting themselves on another list.

So what can you give them in exchange for subscribing? Today, we’re going to share 16 ideas for content you can offer.

But first…

What NOT To Offer

Before we get started on some excellent ideas you can use to grow your subscriber list, we feel it’s important to share this one how-not-to tip. 

You see, times have changed. Back in the day, when we were all a little younger, it was hip to offer the longest, most comprehensive ebook you could bring yourself to write.

But those days are, for the most part, gone, poof, in the wind. People don’t want to spend time slogging through fifty pages – they want short, sharp wonders that will let them hit the ground running with actionable information.

With that in mind, let’s proceed to why you’re here…

# 1 – List of Resources

People love lists! They also love tools and resources they can use to help them find or learn more conveniently. By creating a simple list of these items, you can deliver huge value and give people something they will happily trade in exchange for their email address.

Let’s say your website discusses algorithmic trading. You can create a list of five of the best expert advisors your new subscriber might want to download.

Or let’s say you offer advanced live forex training. You might create a resource of the best beginner courses someone might want to complete before they would qualify for your training.

#2 – Quick-Start Guide

Teaching something to people in a short space of time is another great way to ask for email addresses. 

If a good chunk of your audience is people who haven’t traded before, you could offer a quick start guide on how to download, install and place your first trade on MT4 or MT5. Or a quick start guide on how to place stop losses and take profits.

Quick start guides are a fast and easy way to grow your list while following a simple formula. 

#3 – Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet is a one or two page PDF file containing top tips to help a person go through a process that would normally take them much longer. A cheat sheet is similar to a quick start guide, but it’s a little longer and more condensed. 

You can think of cheat sheets like those moving walkways you find in the airport. It’s the same process as walking beside them, the same start and endpoints, but the automatic walkway just helps you get there a little faster!

For example, you can offer a cheat sheet on how to detect chart patterns. By having a single resource to refer back to, a trader who’s conducting technical analysis can easily spot patterns when they present themselves.

#4 – Video Answer

Does your audience ask you questions on your website or social media? 

Of all the questions you receive, what is the number one question you can answer for someone who’s brand new to your site or service? Answer that question in a video, then offer access once they have subscribed to your list.

#5 – Email Mini-Course

Instead of a mini-course that lives on a platform like Skillshare, you can offer an email-based course on trading-related subjects. An email mini-course is great because it’s a high-value option for your audience and a relatively easy thing for you to set up, as it can be built right within your email system. 

After someone subscribes to your offer, they’ll receive an email once a day for five days with one lesson from the course. A weekly email over a few weeks is also a good option here. 

Examples of a course you might want to offer would be “4 Week Technical Analysis” or “5 Days To Master The Economic Calendar”.

#6 – Book Chapter

If you’ve written a book about trading forex, or if you’re thinking about writing one, you can offer a chapter for free in exchange for an email. This is a great magnet lead idea – people trust authors, they love books, and sending them a free chapter can feel very valuable and is also a great way to advertise the whole book. (It’s also a great way to ask for an email address!).

There you have it! Six different lead magnates and incentives you can use to get people through the door of your email list. No more excuses now, you have to do this. We think you’ll find that by offering something of real value, (as opposed to simply the promise of more emails), people will be much happier to jump on board and say yes to joining your rapidly growing list. And if you get your lead magnet right, they’ll be much more likely to open your future emails too!

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