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The Nasdaq Stock Market, also known as Nasdaq, is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. Nasdaq refers to the Nasdaq Composite, an index compiled of more than 3,300 stocks listed on the Nasdaq exchange. 

Major global giants listed on the exchange include Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Netflix, with millions of traders leveraging these instruments for profits.

Nasdaq features Nasdaq 100, which is one of the biggest financial trading indices. NASDAQ excludes financial companies, focusing more on tech brands, but there are other companies that don’t fall under the technological sector. 

Nasdaq has great liquidity, yet it can be hard to predict in typical day-trading methodologies.

So, how many Nasdaq instruments can you trade on the MT5? 

Traders usually choose Nasdaq 100 assets, which amount to roughly 103 equity securities, issued by the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq.

Nasdaq 100 is seen as a benchmark index for US tech stocks, and the price gives traders a high degree of liquidity, extended trading hours, and competitive spreads. 

Trading the index itself is a major trading opportunity, however several of the companies listed are stock-traders’ favourites for various reasons. Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, PayPal, eBay, Google, are just a handful of the brands comprising this A-list index.

Since being such a popular index, dozens of these said stocks are included on the MT5 platform. Having a giant tech company in your trading portfolio is a must, and the Nasdaq index is a great place to start for selecting one.

In terms of performance, Nasdaq 100 is a pure example of a successful investment. Those who invested in the Nasdaq 100 right after the financial crash of 2008 earned substantial revenues in 2019. 

Last year, it became clear that the index is fuelled by the strong performance of such technology stocks. The index’s strong performance earned revenues of 368 % on a price-return basis in some cases.

What’s clear is that the companies that fall under the Nasdaq umbrella continue to perform well, pushing Nasdaq to new chart highs. The Nasdaq 100 continues to surprise, performing with a positive trend – even during these volatile times that we’re facing in 2020.

Trading Nasdaq?

In case you missed our recent post on trading indices on MT4 & MT5, be sure to update yourself on which new instruments are available on NASDAQ.

The ticker on MT5 is now NASv, while the ticker on MT4 is NASv. 1 lot on each of these instruments will equal 10 contracts.

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