FX in Quarantine: Interview with 120 Advertising

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Loukas Stylianou is a partner of 120 Advertising. He has 10 years of experience in global marketing with an emphasis in the finance industry. He has held key managerial positions and led the marketing efforts of some of the biggest brokers globally. 

In 2014, he founded and is currently leading one of the most successful marketing agencies specialising in finance. 120 ADVERTISING, is a boutique-style marketing communications agency, serving brands and brokers globally. 

Loukas has been an advisory board member of the Nottingham Business School (UK) since 2018. 

We were given exclusive access to Loukas who was asked to input into our FX In Quarantine series – an informative resource for traders during this, particularly volatile time. 

We asked Loukas:

1. How have agencies to financial services such as 120 been impacted by #socialdistancing?

120 has been built on an online business model. Businesses such as ours, have not been really impacted by social distancing or the work-from-home approach that a lot of companies have been adopting recently due to Covid-19. 

We have been working fully online and offering our team the work-from-home flexibility since day 1. Therefore we have all the right tools in place to make sure that our performance will not be compromised and ensure that our clients will keep receiving the same service they have been experiencing for the past six years – nothing really changed for us. On a personal level, I have to admit though, I do miss the day-to-day personal interaction with my team. 

2. What’s your top tip to partners who are trying to find new clients when in quarantine?

Now is the time to bring your business online! That’s crucial in the 21st century. With a vast amount of tools available, now is the time to grow your business. Since the coronavirus first appeared and people are spending more time at home and in front of their computers we are seeing a massive surge in lead registrations and a growth in the acquisition of new traders.

Therefore now is the time for all partners to invest in their efforts and make sure they are making the most of the current market conditions. Of course, they need to make sure they are in partnership with a reliable and trustworthy broker. As we said in our of our most recent campaigns, “THE BEAR HAS AWOKEN, so make sure you go ALL IN”. The key takeaway being INVEST, INVEST and INVEST. 

3. What is your top tip for clients who want to get up-to-date and reliable information on the markets during this time? 

Always cross-reference what you are reading. Never go for one source to make sure the market information you are receiving is accurate. The accuracy of your sources is what will define your success in the forex markets. 

4. What kind of message do you believe is important to disseminate on social media during this time?

I’ll be repeating what everyone says but I do think it’s crucial, #Stayhome. People like nurses, doctors and all medical professionals are out there day by day giving a huge fight risking their health for us! The least we could do for them is stay home and come out of this faster and stronger. 

We are lucky enough to be able to work online so let’s stay safe and make the most of the opportunities that have now surged. 

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