FX in Quarantine: Exclusive Interview with Game Changers

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Today, we chat to founder of Game Changers magazine, Paul Orford, one of the financial industry’s most talked-about brands. 

Read on for Paul’s views on how the FX industry is coping with the covid-19 crisis and his top tips for coping with self-isolation.

You’ve been in FX for a long time. Has anything surprised you about how the FX industry is coping with the covid-19 crisis?

Yes, I am very surprised how it has coped as the industry is very rigid in its thinking in every aspect – from technology to creative ideas. As a business, the owner and CEO have a duty of care to look after their employees, so I think it shows how serious it is in allowing people to work from home. 

We have all had that one boss who has a seizure if someone is 30 seconds late. So working from home is a staggering leap of trust for them. How much of this decision was enforced upon them by the government is uncertain. But facing possible civil action if an employee was to become sick was probably also a motivating factor.

What advice would you give to anybody who is starting to worry about how the crisis will affect their lives?

Allow yourself 30 minutes of news and social media every day. Remember bad news gets clicks, and disasters drive huge traffic. So you are just going to see bad news on every website and it can actually do some good to use it as a challenge to stay off it.

If there is a cure you will know soon enough, so I would suggest that you exercise, keep a structure to your life, and set yourself some future goals. Most importantly, don’t read the Daily Mail!

Any tips for coping with self-isolation?

I recommend reading about a philosophy called Stoicism, which is the understanding of what is in your control and what is not. The reason why people are stressed is the lack of control they have. 

This will most likely sound negative, but it’s not meant to be. Once you understand that you are just a tiny cog in the machine of life, you can get a huge amount of freedom from it.

Also, try and appreciate that other people are under pressure as well, so try and hold down the moaning a bit, for the sake of others.

If aliens landed on earth right now and you had two things to inform them, what would those two things be? 

Firstly, can I have a video interview?

Secondly, are they aware that Game Changers reach a huge amount of decision-makers and opinion-makers so advertising would be great to get their intergalactic message out there!

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