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To help you trade smarter every week

Listening to a thought-provoking podcast on trading is a great way to gain new market insights and learn from the success (and failure) of traders who’ve come before you. 

We’ve rounded up four of the top forex podcasts to learn all about financial markets and sharpen your trading skills.

Better System Trader

The best podcast for strategy, risk management, research, tips and tricks and trading ideas. It’s a podcast more about trading and less about markets.

New episodes are released very rarely, but that’s fine because the content is timeless. Typical subjects include:

  • Building effective entries and exits
  • How to achieve long-term trading success
  • Short selling with Laurent Bernut

Listen to Better System Trader

Vox Markets Podcast

For stocks, gold and crypto, it’s hard to beat the Vox Markets Podcast as a daily source of information. Lasting between 30 minutes to an hour each, the podcasts feature “interviews with CEOs, sector specialists, research analysts and investment experts.”

A great way to know what professional investors are doing.

Listen to The Vox Market Podcast

Chat With Traders

Aaron Fifield is a professional trader from Sydney, who has conversations with “everyone from billionaires to whistle-blowers to retail grinders. 

“These conversations revolve around individual backstories, experiences, observations, strategies, lessons, struggles and victories.”

Highly recommended.

Listen to Chat With Traders


This is less of a podcast, and more of a live-streaming network of shows. TastyTrade provides 8 hours of live coverage every weekday, offering ideas, market insights and trading lessons. Different channels offer dedicated coverage of forex, commodities, stocks and everything else you can think of.

Listen and Watch TastyTrade

We hope you enjoy listening and learning!

And there you have it! Our podcast picks that we’re sure will help you along your trading journey. Podcasts, we hope, will land you the help or success you’re looking for. 

Why not catch up on one of our previous episodes on forex spreads?

Once you’ve picked up the basics, register with a low-cost & reliable broker to get started? Sign up today or if you’re already signed up, fund your account now.


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