Cryptocurrencies are being increasingly adopted by new institutions as well as by new communities who have a need for it. There are many who firmly believe that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, and others, are an important building block for a future more democratic, more equal and balanced financial system.

We developed our own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency, the TIOx, because we believe that cryptocurrencies have an important role to play in global economies in the future.  

Blockchain-based currencies are strongly advocated for by those who have identified massive injustices in the current global financial system, and who see such currencies as an opportunity for a fairer financial world. They are already commonly used on a daily basis by those who are locked out traditional finance, such as those in less developed economies or those unable to obtain bank accounts. Others, without the need or ability to commonly transact using cryptos, prefer to adopt a longer-term investment approach by holding their cryptos over time in the belief that the value will appreciate.

Cryptos entered the spotlight – for better or for worse – in 2017 with the astronomical rise in the value of crypto’s flagship currency, the Bitcoin, which fleetingly flew up to around 20,000 USD per BTC. At around the same time, many companies were launching ICOs as a means of crowdfunding for innovative crypto-related projects. 

Whilst the hype of 2017 came and went, the events of that year did succeed in bringing crypto projects into the domain of public discourse. The year’s events prompted conversation, raised awareness and piqued interest in a sphere that had formerly been almost exclusively in the domain of the black markets.

“There is no center to the network, no central authority, no concentration of power and no actor in whom complete trust must be vested. […] Because in Bitcoin trust is not vested in central actors, there is no need for centralized regulation and oversight.”Andreas Antonopoulos. bitcoin advocate, tech entrepreneur, and author.

The value of Bitcoin since late-2017 has dropped, on the other hand however, conversation and adoption of cryptos since then has increased. With Facebook announcing its development of Libra, and even financial behemoths like JP Morgan announcing the potential for its own crypto projects, there is no denying the growth of the sector and the successes that crypto evangelists and maximalists are having in promoting awareness and adoption.

Whilst the world that we live in today does not cater en-masse for crypto investors or for crypto-users, (yet!), the team at TIOmarkets has found a way to provide easy access the crypto world, for those who are less crypto-savvy. Whilst TIOmarkets doesn’t claim to be a crypto exchange, we can still provide users the basic service of buying TIOx, without going them having to go through the headaches traditionally associated with crypto purchase. It can take days, even months to set up an account and verify with some of the leading crypto exchanges. TIOmarkets new accounts can be verified from start to finish, within minutes.

The firm’s native token, the TIOx is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is available for any verified client to purchase via the secure portal by simply clicking on the PURCHASE TIOx button.   

There are three distinct ways in which it can be used.  

1. Use the TIOx to trade 

TIOx holders can use their crypto as a base currency to access the global financial markets. Specifically, the Signature account type on the TIOmarkets secure portal, allows for any depositor of the TIOx to start trading. With these TIOx, clients can choose from over 120 CFDs or tradable instruments including forex majors, forex minors, forex crosses, stocks, commodities and indices. Simply put, by loading up your Signature trading account with TIOx, financial speculators, long or short-term traders can trade the financial markets.  

Tiomarkets is also one of the few brokerages to offer CFDs on crypto instruments such as BTC, LTC and ETH. Any profit earned from trading can of course be withdrawn, and the client can benefit from margin trading – or leverage – in order to increase the trade size, thereby increasing your potential for profit. (*Leveraged trading increases the potential for loss as well as profit. When trading on margin products, only invest what you can afford to lose).

2. Lock your daily payouts in the TIOprime pool to receive daily payouts

With a minimum investment of 2500 TIOx (today’s equivalent of around 52 USD), TIOx holders can receive a daily payout – or interest – based on A. the size of their investment and B. the performance of the company. The client’s TIOx here acts as a kind of loan to the company. The company will then use the funds for its operational needs. In return, the investor will get a daily payment according to the performance of the company in that day. Since the pool was launched in 2018, over half a million dollars (or currency equivalent) has been distributed to contributors, and not one single payout has been missed. Members of the pool, historically, have the same ‘rights’ investors, who are given detailed and live data on company performance, and who interact with both the management teams and with one another to ensure best performance of the firm, and therefore the best possibility for returns. All performance of the TIOprime pool or TIOmarkets forex brokerage can be viewed in real time via the TIOprime secure portal. As of writing this article, each month’s performance has exceeded the last.

3. HODL TIOx. A long-term investment strategy.

The endearing story of an inebriated crypto holder, misspelling the word HOLD on Reddit as HODL, has turned into a globally-recognised expression for long-term investing. HODLing, is a common investment approach for those who do not care at all about the day-to-day value of the crypto instrument, but who hold it in their investment portfolio for the longer-term gains. The philosophy here is that by buying while the crypto is cheap, and by holding, the investor can reap the benefits of any appreciation in investment over time. Simply put, buy low, sell high.

For more information on TIOprime, the home of our token the TIOx, visit

Risk disclaimer: Any information contained within this article does not constitute investment advice. All investment involves risk. As a general rule, you should only trade in financial products that you are familiar with and understand the risk associated with them. An investment in TIOprime may not be suitable for all investors. If you have any doubts as to the merits of an investment, you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor. Under no circumstance should any statements made by TIOprime to be taken as legal, financial or tax advice. Please see our risk warning policy and seek independent professional advice if you do not fully understand. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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