Whilst bitcoin mania hits peak levels, and record numbers of investors are clamoring to access the crypto markets, the services and opportunities to invest in crypto are also increasing in number.

With the post-ICO crypto environment naturally killing off many of the weaker crypto offerings, those that are left in the sphere have survived the cruel test of time.

Many investors who do not wish to trade or speculate on the value of a specific crypto asset class are looking for alternative ways to benefit from the growing world of digital currencies.

This article highlights three of the top crypto interest accounts in our view. 

Disclaimer: Note that all content contained within this article is the view of the author only and is not intended as investment advice. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, and always do your own research before investing.

  1. TIOprime Pool

Offering up to 14% API, the TIOprime pool accepts deposits in the tradeio native token, Ethereum-based TIOx.    Little-known in the crypto world, the TIOprime Pool is approaching three years old, and provides daily payouts to its participants.  How does it work?   The pool generates profit based on the performance of its sister company TIOmarkets, which is a CFD trading brokerage.  The more volumes that are traded on TIOmarkets, the higher the distributions will be to all pool participants.   Payouts are made daily in Ethereum and can be withdrawn at any time.  

Earn up to 14% API (as of writing this article)
Payouts made daily in ETH

Deposits only accepted in TIOx token, available to purchase through IDEX exchange
$50 (equivalent in TIOx) minimum deposit


Crypto loaning site Blockfi claim to offer up to 8.6% API.  Popular with seasoned crypto holders, it’s a great choice for crypto holders who are not interested in immediately accessing their crypto stores.  By loaning crypto to blockfi, the investor can lock their investment and receive interest.  How do they work? 

“they lend coins to hedge funds, exchanges, institutional traders, and by issuing asset-backed loans to retail customers. They haven’t made a list of companies public but have mentioned their investors do overlap with their institutional borrowers.”  Source: cryptobuffett


OK, this is not an interest account per, se.  But the volume of BTC buyers who simply buy to hold, cannot be ignored.  Whilst the darling of crypto continues to appreciate (overall) in value, those who appreciate the long term benefit of the currency are buying.  These are the people who see any reduction in value of BTC, not as a negative predicament of volatility, but as a positive buying opportunity.   Whilst the act of storing BTC in a hardware wallet is not generating crypto daily, Bitcoin maximalists would tell you that the value of the funds you are storing will only appreciate.  With the inability to print more bitcoin in the way that a central bank can always print more notes, the circulation of the currency is always limited. And with demand increasing over time, its value is predicted by many, to increase. 


Only time will tell whether the value of bitcoin will increase in value.  And any sensible investor will tell you never to put all your eggs into one basket.  With this in mind, the short term benefit of holding crypto in our view, is gleaned through regular payouts of a crypto interest account.  You can redeem your initial investment as well as your earnings at any time, and the barriers to entry are low.  Our favourite option is the one with the highest potential for return and the most frequent payouts, with the least commitment to stay in.  Visit www.tioprime.com for more information.

Risk disclaimer: Any information contained within this article does not constitute investment advice. All investment involves risk. As a general rule, you should only trade in financial products that you are familiar with and understand the risk associated with them. An investment in TIOprime may not be suitable for all investors. If you have any doubts as to the merits of an investment, you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor. Under no circumstance should any statements made by TIOprime to be taken as legal, financial or tax advice. Please see our risk warning policy and seek independent professional advice if you do not fully understand. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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