Dear TIOnauts,

To say that the recent trends in the crypto market have been positive would be a dramatic understatement. As many of you will know, the crypto markets have entered into a broad bull market encompassing all aspects of distributed ledger finance from Bitcoin to DeFi to Alt Coins.  Blockchain based assets have seen an unprecedented acknowledgement from both regulators and traditional financial institutions in the last few months.  Even TIOx has seen increased interest, with no additional outreach and marketing on our part.  We cannot sufficiently convey our thanks to all of you whom have waited patiently for the time to be right for a re-birth of TIOx; we think you would all agree that that moment we have been waiting for is upon us. 

Since the hibernation of the exchange, we have steadfastly and tirelessly worked to build TIOmarkets in an effort to create a business that could provide the value to TIOx that we all desire to see.  After months of dedicated work from the fantastic TIOmarkets team, we now sit on a dramatic product offering.  For the investing public, we not only offer the opportunity to trade in the FX markets, but we now provide an option for traders to invest in the very FX platform that they utilize.  Both existing and new TIOnauts have the opportunity to trade FX and benefit from the trading platform itself.  Put another way, an FX trader can utilize TIOmarkets to make their plays, and then juice their returns by participating in the platform itself.  The end result is a dramatic confluence of FX and crypto that we feel is an attractive investment opportunity.

Thus, after much study and consideration, we are pleased to announce a number of steps that we will be taking to attempt to improve the value and trading of TIOx, the time could not be better in our opinion given the state of the crypto markets.  We believe that all of these steps will help create interest in TIOx which should drive investor demand.  The following steps have either been taken or will occur in short order:

Pool Structure

In February (precise date to follow), the tier system in the pool will be removed and each TIOprime participant holder will receive payouts in direct proportion to the amount of TIOx they own.  While the removal of the tier system may cause some concern, TIOprime has decided that the better, fairer, more democratic course is for each TIOx to be honored the same way.  TIOnauts with larger TIOx holdings will still receive higher payouts, they will just no longer be over-reinforced by the application of tiers.

Additionally, the total payment amounts will now be done on a per token basis.  Currently, the total payout amount is shared amongst all tokens in the pool.  If we drive demand and cause more TIOx to be sold and added to the pool, this would have a dilutive effect on each token already in the pool.  So whereas we previously came up with a total payout amount and divided it by the number of tokens, we will now come up with an amount per token and multiply it times the total number of tokens to find the total payout.  This will mean that as tokens are added to the pool the total payout amount will increase proportionately.  TIOprime feels strongly that, as we ramp up marketing efforts, we want existing TIOx holders to be protected.

Increased Payouts

In order to mitigate the change for certain holders who might have been in high tiers, we have decided to increase the overall payout based on the daily notional trading volume.   Currently, the total daily payout is calculated based on $2.00 per million on the first 500 million in DNV plus $1.00 per every million of DNV above that.  With the change from a pool based calculation to a per token calculation we have tracked the daily payout over the previous year and, based on our average DNV we have been paying out approximately $0.000000050 per million DNV daily to each TIOx on average.  We are hereby increasing that amount by 50% to $0.000000075 and applying it to every million of DNV.

TIOx Utility

In order to further drive demand for TIOx we have decided to boost the utility options for holders. 

The first and most immediate of these new utility options will be the reintroduction of the Signature Account on TIOmarkets.  As many of you may recall, we had operated, but then withdrew the Signature Account as we did not have the resources to engage in the necessary promotional and educational aspects of the account.  Our FX traders just found it confusing.  As part of our promotion efforts, as detailed below, we will now re-open and renege on the Signature Accounts.  As a reminder, the benefits of these accounts include:

  • 30% bonus for funding an account in TIOx
  • Tighter trading spreads
  • Reduced commissions

There will be more to come in the utility application for TIOx.  In general, we have taken the view that going forward, anything in the ecosystem, including TIOmarkets, if we offer a service in fiat, we will eventually offer it in a preferred manner for TIOx.


In order to raise awareness of TIOx and its potential as an investment, we have taken several steps and have a number more planned for the immediate future.

First, we are pleased to announce the formation of our new TIOx Sales Group.  This is a group of employees of the TIOprime family whose only responsibility is the generation of interest in TIOx through direct marketing campaigns via telephone and email contact as well as social media and other communications.  These new teammates are dedicated to spreading the word about TIOx and generating buying interest.  We have spent the last several months training and preparing these teammates and they are ready to begin their efforts in the upcoming weeks.

Second, we have planned a number of new TIOx promotions for the public and new ways for IBs to be involved, please stay tuned for further information on this front.


Our marketing team has prepared, and will soon launch, a comprehensive marketing plan for TIOx.  This plan will be broad based, multi-focused and as deep as it is broad.  Efforts will include but are not limited to:

  • A broad based Google keyword push
  • A series of article to be released touting the benefits of crypto and TIOx investing
  • A collection of promotional videos to help introduce and educate new users to crypto and TIOx
  • A new series of promotional banners for IBs and affiliates
  • A dedicated and separate automation and enrolment funnel for TIOx investors LP participants 


In recognition of the fact that for TIOx to grow in value there needs to be an efficient market, we will be focusing first on supporting the trading market on IDEX.  We will do this by directing traffic from our promotion and marketing efforts to IDEX and by doing away with the “Buy TIOx” button.  From now on we will focus on moving as much trading activity in TIOx to IDEX as possible.  We recognize that many of you are not thrilled by IDEX, but the exchange does work and if there were sufficient volume to create a liquid market we feel this would go a long way towards enabling the free sales and purchase of our token.

Future Listings Under Consideration

Due to the overwhelming interest in the listing of TIOx on UniSwap, we have been doing extensive research on this possibility.  While we still have a little more research to do, we are generally in favor of this idea.  However, in order for us to create an orderly DeFi market we need to have buying demand and interest.  As such, this decision will wait until we begin to see the results of the promotional activity mentioned above.

Lastly, once we begin to get traction on the promotion front, TIOprime recognizes that listing on another trading exchange would be of great benefit, so this will be an option we will review.  However, much like UniSwap, a new listing on a different exchange would not have any real results until the promotional campaigns gain traction, so this is a decision that will come later.

We sincerely hope that you, our TIOnauts, are as excited by these changes as we are.  As we have mentioned, the time for half measures is past.  We see these broad and multifaceted approaches as the best way to drive value into TIOx and embark on the path that we all want – a realistic value for our token.


TIO Staff

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