Dear TIOnauts,

I hope that this letter finds you well and that your 2021 is off to a good start.

This letter will certainly fit most comfortably within the definition of “anti-climax”, coming out on the heels of our big announcement yesterday.  I want to thank you all on behalf of myself and the team for the kind words and support you have shown.  We have been working tirelessly to put together the new structure and I hope that you can all see why we took an additional amount of time to assemble the pieces.  We felt strongly that the time for small actions was over and that a big push was required.

I am going to keep this brief and avoid repeating the entire email and blog post, if you have not had a chance to review the changes we are implementing please check out the announcements here:



In quick summary, the changes we have, or are going to implement, include:

  • Removal of the tier structure in TIOprime
  • Distribution will be per TIOx, not one pool, so that new comers to the pool will not dilute current holders
  • Payout metrics are being increased by 50%
  • New utilities are planned for TIOx, including the first step, the reintroduction of the Signature account
  • New promotion for TIOx, including the establishment of a dedicated TIOx sales team
  • A broad based marketing campaign which will cover multiple media and platforms
  • A re-focus on building the positions and liquidity on IDEX to provide a better marketplace for TIOx
  • A continued examination of listing other options for TIOx

That’s the high level overview, please check out the more detailed announcement for all of the finer points.

Meanwhile, if you have not done so yet, check out Janne Muta’s daily insights via commentary, video, webinar and more, to help you make informed trading decisions.  Janne has continued his streak of excellent analysis and insight and his work is worth the read.  If you would like to receive these updates, you can do so, at no cost, by signing up at

As always, don’t forget these monthly updates:

  • If you would like, you can help us increase our domain authority (and to get as much traffic as possible) by leaving us a good review on trustpilot, by sharing one of our blog posts or even sharing our URL on your website, if you have one.
  • If you are worried about how the fast-moving markets might affect your investment during these times, we have set up a dedicated webpage providing up-to-date market information plus webinars, podcasts and more. Please bookmark this page to keep apprised of any market news that might affect your trading portfolio, or if you are interested in seeing how industry leaders are coping with the crisis. 
  • This update was published on Telegram and the TIOmarkets blog, publicly available to view here:  We are changing the way we send emails in response to feedback from the community about spam and no-receive challenges.  Any TIOnaut who has signed up to TIOprime, TIOmarkets (or who is in the Liquidity Pool) will remain in our database and will continue to receive important TIOmarkets news.  If you have not yet signed up on any of those spots and wish to continue to receive email updates, please do so at this time.  

That is all we have for you for now TIOnauts.  We think that these new steps are going to be tremendous for the community.  We hope that you are as pleased with them as we are.  In the meantime, we are back to work executing the current plan and looking at new things for the future.  It’s a long road, but we will get there and get TIOx back where it belongs.


Bill Heyn


TIO Staff

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