Dear TIOnauts,

Hello all, as always, I hope that this letter finds you well.  We are getting into fall here and are proceeding, so far so good, on the reintroduction to (sort of) normal life.  I hope that recovery wherever you call home proceeds apace as well.

We had another good month at TIOmarkets, especially for an August.  Nothing spectacular, just a good solid, normal month which is what we were hoping for during the end of the summer slowdown in the markets.  As we move back into the fall months, we are working on a number of initiatives to grow the business and we continue to make improvements in the background with our processes.  We have developed an internal proposal to revamp the payout structure.  Hopefully we will be able to begin discussing it with you TIOnauts this month.  We appreciate your patience on this front, we only want to make this change one more time, so we need to make sure to get it right.

In other exciting news, FX industry veteran Janne Muta has joined the family.  As the new face of TIOmarkets, Janne will be providing daily insights via commentary, video, webinar and more, helping our clients to make informed trading decisions.  Janne has twenty years of experience in the financial markets and a high-level of expertise as a professional trader of futures, which helps him provide valuable trading insight.  For example, on his first week with the company, he correctly assessed that there would be upcoming buying opportunities in gold.  Janne will be sharing his expertise daily through his market analysis which will be available by email and video.  If you would like to receive these updates you can do so, at no cost, by signing up at  Please join me in welcoming Janne to the team.

In other news, we have been getting a lot of suggestions for new businesses that could enter into, such as the DeFi opportunities that I discussed with you last month.  First, let me say how much we appreciate the thoughts and suggestions.  It is inspiring to have community members that are dedicated enough to try to help and send us, often elaborately complex, business ideas.  We sincerely appreciate the effort.  When we get these ideas, many of which are still being discussed, we always take them seriously and examine them.  Sadly, there are some that won’t work for myriad reasons (not that they’re bad ideas, they just might not work for us).  Several of the ideas show tremendous promise and we are looking into them.  However, I do need to add a note of caution so that I am not creating false hope.  Even the simplest of these ideas would cost significant amounts of money and require significant resources, personnel etc.  Obviously, if we commit funds and people to a new idea, it is a risk.  Even the best idea is not guaranteed to succeed, no matter how well we execute the process.  We need to think long and hard before we jump into a new business, as I am sure you all can understand, if we spend a ton of money and fail, it would put all that we have built at TIOmarkets at risk.  Honestly, even if we succeeded, there is risk that by diverting funds and people from TIOmarkets we could potentially damage that business.  I am certainly not saying that we will never open new business lines, just that we owe it to you to be thoughtful and prudent and take it slow.

In the meantime, don’t forget these monthly updates:

  • If you would like, you can help us increase our domain authority (and to get as much traffic as possible) by leaving us a good review on trustpilot, by sharing one of our blog posts or even sharing our URL on your website, if you have one.
  • If you are worried about how the fast-moving markets might affect your investment during these times, we have set up a dedicated webpage providing up-to-date market information plus webinars, podcasts and more. Please bookmark this page to keep apprised of any market news that might affect your trading portfolio, or if you are interested in seeing how industry leaders are coping with the crisis. 
  • This update was published on Telegram and the TIOmarkets blog, publicly available to view here:  We are changing the way we send emails in response to feedback from the community about spam and no-receive challenges.  Any TIOnaut who has signed up to TIOprime, TIOmarkets (or who is in the Liquidity Pool) will remain in our database and will continue to receive important TIOmarkets news.  If you have not yet signed up on any of those spots and wish to continue to receive email updates, please do so at this time.  

I’m going to leave you with that for now TIOnauts.  We are back at it, working to build a business that will in turn create value in TIOx.


Bill Heyn

Bill Heyn

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