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A Case Study For Investing In a Broker

Your key to investing in a forex broker is now available to purchase on www.tioprime.com

We are living through uncertain and unprecedented times.  

Markets are crashing, traditional safe havens are too volatile for comfort and investors don’t know which way to turn.

Reminiscent of London’s St Paul’s Cathedral standing, unscathed, through the fog and ashes of world war two, one industry powers forward notwithstanding threats of a global market meltdown.  In plain terms, the FX industry still thrives.  

Known for being the biggest and most liquid market in the world with more than 5.3 trillion dollars traded on it daily, there is still a demand for FX and CFDs. As long as countries continue to trade with each other, as long as governments and national banks continue working on financial policy, as long as there is employment and as long as there is an opportunity to benefit from volatility on financial markets, there will always be traders and there will always be someone else on the other side of your trade.

This is good news for both FX traders and investors.  

FX Brokerages will emerge from the storm

In satirical reference to the musings of financial analysts worldwide, the value of the USD will go up and it will go down – but not necessarily in that order. GBP may plummet owing to Brexit. Oil may plummet owing to the Covid-19 threat. Bitcoin may waver. JPY may lose its footing. The whole financial world as we once knew it may change. But what is still certain – despite the environment of uncertainty – is that speculators and traders are still trading. 

As any trader knows, there are opportunities to be made – and to be lost – on volatility.  While the markets dance up and down to the beat of coronavirus, traders are still making – and losing – money. FX brokerages stand firm through the crisis, they weather the storm and they emerge, ready to take the next round of beatings.

Certain things

Let’s introduce the risk-averse investor to the stage. The person who wishes to invest in certain things during a time of uncertainty. We know by this point that FX brokerages to-date have been certain.

While past performance doesn’t guarantee future trends, we can confidently say that FX brokerages can not only weather market volatility, but they can thrive. Now our risk-averse investors can join the FX party by benefiting from its ups and downs, without being subject to its mood swings. Through the act of purchasing TIOx, one can directly invest in the performance of an FX brokerage.

Enter, TIOmarkets

TIOmarkets – an FX brokerage which will be completing its first year of operations at the time of writing this article is no stranger to the needs of investors and the calling of the global markets. Having experienced exponential growth rates since launch in May 2019, the company has launched, strategised, grown and optimised on its operations, positively responding to drastic changes in market conditions over the last 12 months. 

Offering more than 120 tradable CFD instruments to its clients, the company allows for newbie and experienced traders to access the global financial markets via the popular MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Its clients don’t only have access to an established and secure trading environment, but they are also enabled with free access to educational resources to support them on their journey as well as the industry’s most competitively low trading costs. Without wanting to overtly brag about the successes of the brokerage to date, it is fair to say that it has grown very quickly by all accounts and across all categories. Its pull point for traders being its low-cost subscription packages combined with attractive features such as trade reversal and zero-cost trading.

Transparency is no stranger to us

We challenge readers of this article to approach any well-known brokerage to ask them for real-time data on company performance. Ask them for numbers of clients, deposits, withdrawals, any indicators that might act as a health gauge for the company. We’re pretty sure that your questions will be met with silence. And for this reason, we wouldn’t expect you to invest with them.

We understand that credible investors require credible data on any potential investment. This is why we have made all company data available – in real-time – to view via our investment portal.

Our investors decide for themselves if they want to invest with us and how much, based on factual information and real-time statistics. This is a rather drastic and brazen approach that I don’t believe other FX brokerages have had the gall to do, historically.

The process

With very low barriers to entry, you don’t have to be a hedge fund or a millionaire to invest in an FX broker.


It takes a certain kind of person to successfully navigate the financial markets. Typically FX traders might be thrill-seekers, perhaps. People who are ready to respond quickly and decisively to market changes. People who are ready to speculate, to take their profit, cut their losses, to buy again, to sell, to diversify. Trading is not for the faint of heart. As well as having sufficient technical knowledge to know when, what and how to trade, one should have a solid trading strategy, a decent understanding of economic policy, fundamentals and technicals. By purchasing TIOx, we will open a trading account with TIOx as a base currency which will give you access to trade more than 120 CFD instruments including forex, commodities, indices and stocks.

What about those people who want to invest but don’t want to trade?  


By purchasing any quantity of TIOx on www.tioprime.com (the investment branch of TIOmarkets), you’ve immediately diversified your portfolio, easily and seamlessly entered the world of crypto (which, like it or not is becoming more and more part of our daily lives whether we notice it or not). And by the sheer act of doing absolutely nothing – simply by holding your TIOx – you’ve allowed yourself the opportunity to be a beneficiary of any appreciation in value of the token over time.


With as little as 2,500 TIOx, you can enter your holdings into the TIOprime pool. In doing this, you automatically will receive a daily payout depending on the performance of TIOmarkets. If the company continues to grow exponentially, so will your payouts.  The more you invest, the more you will receive. Whilst terms and conditions of course apply, there is no fine print or loopholes on this that will ever prohibit us from making a payment to you if we don’t do well. We have already distributed more than half a million USD to our pool contributors since we launched the pool well over a year ago.

In celebration of the Purchase TIOx function, we are also offering up to 30% free TIOx trading credit to anybody who deposits over 15k TIOx into their Signature account.

One-click purchase

Have you tried to purchase crypto via some of the major exchanges? We have. It can be time-consuming and a major headache. Now, any TIOprime registrant can purchase TIOx at the click of a button using any major payment method or bank wire.

Register for free and with no commitment to invest on www.tioprime.com.

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