Investors and buyers of Netflix stock will be biting their nails this morning, while sellers of the same stocks will be punching the air, as the streaming giant says subscribers will fall 8% in Q2, citing rising competition and higher content costs.

Second quarter results from the company, scheduled to be released at 20:00 GMT, will undoubtedly shed more light on the forecast.

From December last year, to this year’s high in May, shares have tumbled 67%. 

Subscriber growth will likely remain stifled as the pace of releases for new shows slows down, compounding the effects of a 13-18% price hike in January.

Concerns for Netflix’s longer-term future also surfaced last month, with the announcement from Disney of a rival streaming service at fraction of the cost. 

Disney expects to pull in 60 to 90 million subscribers by 2024, much of which may eat into Netflix’s market share.

On the positive side, the diversity of Netflix’s content and a paying subscriber base of 149 million, should make it hard for rivals to supplant its position as kings of online streaming.

And while Q2 releases were hardly box-office, Q3 is already showing promise, with series 3 of “Stranger Things” attracting a record 41 million viewers in only four days.

Also planned for Q3 is the last season of “Orange Is The New Black”, as well as a third season of Ozarks, a Netflix original crime offering that took the summer of 2017 by storm.

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Dalia Hilmi

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