Step right up, get your red hot forex partner and affiliate niche.

As every affiliate and introducing broker knows, it is important to have a speciality or niche that you can try to dominate in order to have the best chance at making serious money as a partner.

In this series, we will look at some popular (and some less competitive) niches in the forex partner space, and what it will take to succeed in each.

To kick off this first instalment, we are looking at podcasting and broker review sites.

Podcasts & Interviews

Many traders turn to podcasts for everything from learning about market news to learning how to trade. It is an easy and convenient way to absorb lots of information, whether it is during the long commute or at home while doing chores.

To excel in this niche, you will need to have one or more of these key strengths to build your brand:

Excellent verbal communication skills. You need to be fluent in your language and have the ability to hold a captive audience with just the sound of your voice and your manner of speaking. Like a good radio host. 

Ability to network. Most successful podcasts rely on two or more people who strike up an engaging conversation. Your ability to network and persuade high-quality speakers and guests to appear on your podcast will likely be important in order to create stimulating conversations and drive interest to your show.

Great listening skills. This is key if you want to bring out the best from your guests. More often than not, the skill of the host in drawing out the interesting parts of what the guest has to say is just as important as the actual guest. You need to be able to pay close attention to what is being said so you can seize on opportunities for great conversion or guide the discussion back on track if it’s veering a little astray. 

So if you think you have these three essential skills, start looking online for a quality mic. Here’s listening to you. 

Broker Reviews

One of the most popular choices for forex affiliates and partners, the world of forex review sites is a tightly contested and somewhat congested space. 

Usually, this type of niche consists of a website or group of websites that review brokers on a variety of criteria such as trading conditions, ease of funding, and quality of customer support. These sites use affiliate links from each review to drive traffic to the forex broker, where each converted trader will earn the partner commission.

To get started in this space though, you’ll need to do something a little different in order to compete with the hundreds of existing sites out there. 

Consider tailoring your site to a specific region or aspect of the forex service; for example:

  • “Best forex brokers in Thailand”. 
  • “Best forex brokers who accept M-Pesa funding”
  • “Best forex brokers for swap-free accounts.”

The more you drill down by region or service, the more unoccupied space you’ll find in the market. That will help you spread your wings with relatively little competition in order to maximise your chances of getting a successful business up and running.

Another way to succeed is to look at the review sites in your space and see where you think they’re falling short, then compete on those merits. For example, many forex review sites don’t do much with video. It’s an open opportunity for a reviewer with editing skills to really test out their partner brokers on-screen.

That wraps up this installment of our partner niche series. Next time, we’ll take a closer look at how you can excel at being a technical analysis educator and what it takes to make money as a partner with a lifestyle-focused business.

If you join our partner programme, we’ll help you pick the right commission plan that works for you. Get in touch today to learn more about our generous payout structures and how we can help you make the most of your affiliate or IB business.


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