As an affiliate or introducing broker in the forex & CFD trading space, it’s vital to build trust with your audience or network. Trust is perhaps the single greatest factor that will affect how well you can do in terms of referrals and commissions earned.

Trust and content creation often go hand-in-hand. They’re also both continuous, never-ending processes that need to be skillfully nurtured for maximum effect. Let’s explore how to create different types of content that can help you build trust with traders.

Create Regular Content

When a potential future or current trader lands on your site, it’s important for them to see that you’ve posted a useful article or blog post recently. A clear lack of activity, for example, if your last published content was about market news that happened a year ago, will make the visitor wonder whether the business is still working, and gives the impression of a site that’s “given up”.

This means it’s important to create content regularly. Whether you post once a day, once a week, or every other week, the most important thing is to make it consistent so that you’re never stale.

Another habit you should form is to update old content to keep it evergreen. That means, for example, that if you have an article titled “Top Technical Analysis Tools For 2020”, it’s a good idea to change the title to “2021” before the year’s end, and add a few more technical indicators to the list. 

When your content is updated, the publish date and new edits are noticed by search engines, which use it as a sign that you’re taking care of your visitors. This affects your ranking which is key to winning new traffic and new referrals. 

Stay Busy On Social

The trading community is alive and thriving on social media. Even if you’re acquiring most of your leads from different channels, social media matters because most traders are heavy users of these platforms, and because your activity in these trading communities helps you build trust and authority. 

Try to create posts regularly and try to respond to your followers and other high-profile or interesting traders in the various communities. 

Respond to Comments 

If you’re succeeding as a forex partner, it’s almost certain that visitors and followers will begin to comment on your posts on social or your website. 

Some of your best referrals may come from commenters, while many others will simply browse the comments that other people leave. It’s vital to be responsive so that people know that you’re listening. 

Listening to your audience is one of the key ways to build trust, and creating personalised, informative responses to potential traders who are on your channels will let people know you’re really paying attention.

This may sound like a small detail, but it’s key to creating a positive image of your forex or CFDs trading network.

Take Care of Email Delivery

Keeping your emails out of spam folders can be harder than it sounds, especially in an industry such as trading. For that reason, if you manage to keep more than 95% of your emails out of your lists’ junk folders, you’ll already be ahead of much of the competition in terms of building trust.

Research spam trigger words to ensure you don’t include them in your body or subject.

It’s also vital that you don’t send unsolicited mail. Only send emails to subscribers, and it’s a good idea to make them confirm their subscription before they’re added to your list.

Email is one of the most powerful weapons to create trust in the forex affiliate and IB space. It would be a shame and a waste of a brilliant tool if you were to end up invisible to your audience.

If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, you might want to look at plugins that will help you authenticate your email address correctly, such as WP Mail SMTP. You can also hire freelance technical people to help get you set up.

Publish Your Testimonials

Don’t miss the opportunity to highlight positive feedback and reviews of your business to potential new customers.

If you’re an IB, ask your customers for testimonials and add the best ones to your website and highlight them on social media. 

You might also want to highlight the number of people who use your service. For example, if you’re a signal provider, you may want to highlight the number of people who trust your signals.

These sorts of steps are often referred to as adding “social proof” to your website, which creates authentic and independent votes of confidence in your business so that new prospects will trust you sooner. 

Create FAQ Pages

FAQ pages are particularly useful for building trust, because they show that you are prepared and aware of your business and your industry. Create a list of the challenges your audience faces in the forex space and with your business, and make sure to address them with this vital resource.

FAQs are a convenient way for your audience to find answers to the questions they’re asking, and they will appreciate the effort you have undertaken to address their needs.

Conclusion: Trust Is Built

Trust isn’t something you can buy on the cheap. It’s paid for in time and effort. To build trust in the world of trading, you have to back up your claims with outstanding content that addresses existing needs and concerns and helps your audience find answers.

We’ve covered some of the best content you can create to engender trust. Covering these bases will help you claim much more commission in the long run than your competitors, and there are many other ways that we’re sure you’ll think of yourself that are specific to your niche, whether you cover market news, technical analysis, managed accounts, signals, or any other space in the FX trading industry.

Speaking of trust….

The key component to building trust with your customers, outside of your content, is to partner with a broker which is reputable, and which has yours and your traders’ best interests at heart.

At TIOmarkets, we can help you set your forex partnership business up from scratch. We’re excellent at converting the referrals you send us into traders, and keeping them happy so that you earn a lifetime of commissions on every trade they make. Sign up for a partner account today to join forces with one of the leading trading brands and start earning from one of the most generous partnership programmes around.

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