You’ve worked hard to build up your social media sites or your blog, and you’ve created a great website. You already have a decent number of viewers looking at your content. Your question now is – how can I monetise this traffic?

Without wanting to sound false or misleading…. it is actually possible. And it is potentially easier than the hard work that you’ve already put into acquiring your traffic. We’ve decided that instead of giving you our top tips, we would actually ask the people who have achieved it.  What did they do and what worked for them? Let’s find out.

I used the personal approach 

Our Introducing Broker… let’s call him for this article, Aziz, … has been providing financial content to his audience for years. But he’s only recently starting monetizing on that traffic. When we asked him what his top tips are, he explained to us that he is a reliable figure for his clients and he knows each of them by name. He has spent months and even years building trust with his clients by providing them with reliable and high-quality financial data.

Only once the trust was strong and only once he had proved his financial acumen, he was able to gently encourage his clients to open trading accounts. 

There are strict laws in Europe and other jurisdictions protecting financial consumers, so at no point was ‘Aziz’ forcing his clients to deposit. What he did, however, was to suggest a reliable and regulated broker – TIOmarkets, of course – and he supported his clients through the sign-up process. Once these clients actually made that deposit and started trading, Aziz received his payouts.

The key to Aziz’s success is the consistency in his approach and his reliability. He is a figure that his clients can turn to at any point for financial support and guidance. Aziz continued to support his clients with market information and financial data that would assist with their trading decisions, which meant that for him, his rebate payouts were ongoing.

Aziz’s winning formula in this specific example was successfully combining his financial acumen with ongoing personal support to his clients.

I utilise Instagram to my advantage

In a great effort to protect the identity of our next partner, who is happy for us to share his case study but not his name, we will call him ‘Influexer’. Influexer has a lifestyle Instagram account that he has been running for a little over two years. He posts photographs regularly of himself in high-value locations and often wearing designer clothing combined with designer accessories.  

Influexer is selling the vision of what a trader can become if they trade successfully and manage to make their fortune. This partner of TIOmarkets is not an Introducer and has no personal connection with his clients, but is a successful affiliate who is inadvertently redirecting traffic to TIOmarkets. 

He provides no personal support to clients and doesn’t know them by name. Influexer’s strengths are in regular posting, and in ensuring that his images are eye-catching and aspirational.

He appeals to the spirit inside each potential trader who wants to be hugely successful. Images of yachts and Monaco shopping and high-speed cars make frequent appearances on his account. He is very strategic in his use of appropriate hashtagging and displays a steady growth in followers on an ongoing basis.

I have a good website

Our next partner is not an individual but has a company in partnership with three others. They offer access to market news as well as training on technical and fundamental analysis which helps traders to make informed trading decisions.

They have a huge client base and have been an established company for well over a decade so they don’t know their clients all by name. They don’t manage their clients’ funds however they do have a very good website that has a high volume of traffic flowing there every week. 

Their traffic – as they see from google analytics – comes from all corners of the world and they also know that their website visitors are quite high-quality traders. They have had some good successes in sending highly targeted emails to their engaged database, and they also display TIOmarkets banners on some of their website pages.

They don’t engage with many forex firms in order not to saturate their pages with ads, however, they can raise some good volumes with prominently placed artwork on high-volume web pages.

If you believe you have good volumes of traffic that are likely to turn into traders, contact our partnership team. We will support your clients through sign up and help them learn the ropes on how to get started. Don’t be a stranger and reach out today.

TIO Staff

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