You’re thinking about directing traffic to TIOmarkets so that you can make some extra income. It’s a good idea. 

After all, the TIOmarkets partnership model is set up in such a way that all its partners are paid regardless of what type of partner they are. 

The first thing our partnerships team will want to know about you is whether you are an affiliate or an IB. Let’s dig a little deeper into what isn’t necessarily a cut-and-dry question.

Do you know your clients by name?

One of the biggest identifiers for our Introducing Brokers is whether they know their referrals or not on a personal basis. We find that many of our Introducers have spent months, even years building a trust-based relationship with their clients. 

They are sometimes providing financial information or even helping to support their clients with their trades, so these introducers are very keen to make sure that the broker they connect their clients with is trustworthy and regulated. 

These kinds of introducers will be very discerning about the broker that they introduce their clients to and have a keen sense of responsibility.  

If you know your clients individually by name, the chances are strong that you are an Introducing Broker, or as we call them – IB. Statistically speaking, your clients will be trading regularly with your broker of choice and so you will opt for a rebate payment. 

This means that for every trade that your clients make, you will make a commission per trade. This equals to ongoing residual income for you – potentially with little ongoing effort once the introduction has been made.

Do you have a high-traffic website?

This is an area where things start to get a little grey. In this day and age, it becomes very unlikely that as a partner of an online firm, you won’t have a website or at least some form of an online presence. 

As an introducer, you may also have a good website! The differentiating factor that separates the IBs from the affiliates is how well you know your traffic. Largely, affiliates will have no direct contact at all with the people who are visiting their website – or websites.  

Such partners may have multiple sources of traffic. Blogs, websites, social media are all sources of traffic that highly skilled partners may be upkeeping on a daily, even hourly basis to make sure that they continue to get high quality and relevant traffic. 

Instead of speaking to their referrals and explaining to them about the brokerage they will sign up with, the affiliate will use his or her web presence to promote a brokerage. 

And if their web traffic goes ahead and clicks to sign up with TIOmarkets, all the better! In this kind of model, the volumes of traffic referred to the broker are likely to be much higher, however, the rate of conversion may be lower. 

Because of this, affiliates often opt for a CPA repayment. This is a once-off payment that is given to affiliates once their referrals sign up, deposit and start trading. This is not an ongoing residual income, however, if the affiliate has high traffic, their chances of regularly receiving CPA payouts become higher. 

If you’re unsure whether you’re an affiliate or an introducer, you can talk to our partnership team at any time to help find a payment solution that suits your business. 

After all, we are here to help you make your business a success. Contact us today by visiting and let’s work together.

TIO Staff

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