We have a huge number of TIOpartners who utilise social media as a means of directing traffic to our websites. These partners are officially classified as Affiliates because they often don’t know their referrals by name.  

Affiliates simply direct website visitors to TIOmarkets for a percentage of that traffic to convert. And as we know, conversions equal payouts.

With social media being such a huge part of our lives, social sites are inevitably a great source of traffic. If not used correctly though, they can be a huge time drain, with no reward. 

Here are our top six ways of how you can make social media work to your advantage:

Frequency and consistency is more important than you might realise

If you plan on using social media channels to raise awareness of TIOmarkets or to evoke a kind of excitement in the reader, then you need to help your reader to understand who TIOmarkets is. 

Statistics show that repetition is one of the most reliable methods of learning, so this makes it an important factor in your social plan. Put simply, make sure that you are posting often and consistently. 

Decide how frequently you wish to post and then stick to that frequency. Utilising a social posting planning and scheduling tool can help you to stick to that frequency even if you are offline or busy at the time you usually plan to post.

By posting frequently, your posts are statistically more likely to appear on other viewers’ feeds, which in turn increases your chances of relaying your message, and, ultimately, contributes towards your chances of converting your traffic.

So, how often should you be posting on social media? This is what the studies tell us:

  • LinkedIn – between 2 and 5 times per week
  • Facebook – at least once per day
  • Instagram – between 1 and 3 times per day
  • Twitter – between 3 and 30 times per day

Engage with your audience

Think upon the posts on social media that you have engaged with or liked or commented on. Are they usually boring posts? No. Chances are they are posts that make you laugh, surprise you, or inform you about something you weren’t aware of previously. 

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to make sure that your posts are engaging and relevant to the audience. If your posts are engaging, they are more likely to be engaged with and the more engagement you have, the more reach you have, thereby maximising your potential for traffic and conversions. 

How can you make your posts relevant? The best tip that we can provide is to advise you to take a few minutes at the end of each week to plan what you will post the following week. Try to incorporate some of the following ideas into your social media routine every week:

  • Social media polls 
  • Amusing memes
  • Open questions 
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Personal real-life story and experience
  • Share of an important but relevant news event that will impact your audience


Time and time again, I see forex affiliates and fx companies posting placeholder content because just for the sake of posting. By placeholder content, I’m referring to generic copy-paste posts that have been recycled from elsewhere. 

Put yourself in the shoes of the viewer – if you are looking at a generic post that you’ve seen ten times before, at best you’ll feel bored but at worst, you’ll be put off and may stop following that specific channel. 

There are one hundred and one reasons why you should be posting unique content – and by that we mean content that you have written yourself. But here are our most compelling reasons for doing it:

  1. If you have written the content yourself, you can add an element of your personal thought and experience into the content. Personalised posts make for the most interesting and engaging posts. This is the reason why Kim Kardashian is more popular than the Bank of England.
  2. Google algorithms scan content on the web and penalise content that has been duplicated.  So if you are writing lots of fresh and unique content that links to your website, then your website will score more highly in organic Google rankings than your competitor.
  3. If you are copy or pasting technical or financial content, it shows the reader that you don’t understand what you are writing. If you don’t understand it, your readers won’t either and engagement is highly likely to drop. 

Moving visuals

Video is tipped to be every marketing team’s best friend for 2020. Studies show that moving visuals are 40% more likely to be shared than plain text. This means that as an affiliate or a partner, you are almost twice as likely to increase new audiences by posting videos. It’s easier and cheaper than ever to make a video with high-quality personal mobile devices, and with posting on free platforms such as youtube. 

We suggest that you put some thought into your video content and production before you start shooting out the videos. 

Here are our top tips for your video strategy:

  • Practice a few times on your device of choice and check the sound quality before you publish 
  • Try to take your videos in one take without the need to edit. The least time possible that is spent between the taking of the video and the publishing of the video, the better.
  • Try to be as natural as possible – authentic video subjects are the most engaging forms
  • On the same point as above, try to include physical forms in your video. In simple terms – show people and faces. Videos of trading platforms and computer screens often do not make for engaging viewing.


One of the best parts of social media is how it allows you to access new audiences almost effortlessly. To acquire new eyeballs onto your content, plan to tag as many relevant – and willing – profiles as you can in your weekly posting plan. 

For instance, by tagging Bloomberg into a Tweet, anybody who follows may also see what you have posted. This is an extreme example and we suggest tagging with caution.

Choose carefully any profiles and tag ethically i.e. do not overuse somebody else’s name just because they are more popular than you, and do ensure that any personal profiles consent to be associated with your brand.


It won’t have escaped your notice that large social media influencers and brands are all using multiple hashtags at the end of their posts. Why is this and how should you be hashtagging? 

Firstly, by using your own hashtags, it helps you to build your brand and subtly encourages people to hashtag you by return. By using hashtags you are also able to increase your reach. For instance, if you use the hashtag #finance, you will appear in the feed of anybody who also follows that hashtag. Use a hashtag planning tool to plan hashtags that are relevant to your brand and your message and try to creep in the odd #hashtag into any keywords within your #financial post so that you don’t have a long string of keywords sitting lonely at the end of your post. For instance, 

#GBP fell sharply upon news of #brexit last night.

Instead of:

GBP fell sharply upon news of Brexit last night. #gbp #brexit

So there we have our top tips for using social media to your advantage and really helping to drive those numbers. 

To ride on the back of an old expression, the higher your success, the heavier the coins in your pocket.

TIO Staff

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