Trading global markets is not just for traders. Often the industry can generate extra income with affiliation. Professional brokers have sophisticated affiliate programmes and partnerships in place, and you should research and compare what the major players offer. 

So, what are the forces that can help you build an effective affiliate programme?

1 – Establish yourself as an authority

This a very important first step as often affiliates see it only as an ads-hosting opportunity. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re promoting the product and the broker. You will spend time to show why a certain forex broker is worth their time and investment. You need to act like a knowledgeable intermediary between the broker and traders.

2 – Build a presence

To refer anyone to forex brokers, you need to have a presence. Most often, a website is the number one choice for affiliates or social channels. During this step, a lot of the success will come from the quality of the content you can deliver. You need to keep potential traders engaged with compelling and educational content. You need to build a safe bridge for those clients to trust trading with a broker you promote. Think of the most common problems traders have and try to push content that can offer a solution to those problems.

3 – Reviews, reviews, and more reviews

Displaying different reviews of the brokers on your website is a must. Analyse why a broker is good at what they’re doing and reviewing trading-related products could make your website become the next pitstop for valuable online information. You’re also helping the community with verified information, thus helping potential traders avoid scammers.

4 – Keep open communication with your clients

Start keeping your potential clients and existing ones informed at all times with updates, new products, news, and more. A direct line of communication to your audience will ensure loyalty and trust. This effort will yield success later on once you have a solid base. 

There are various ways to keep them engaged, and email is the simplest and quickest way. Craft a clear and engaging email mentioning the benefits of a particular forex broker and why you think it would be a good choice for your readers. This could be a good start to get the conversation going. Traders are always interested in updates as transparency is key in this business.

5 – Promote your business in various mediums and approaches

Whether it’s online or offline, promoting your affiliate website, it’s imperative for a successful business. If you’re choosing to promote content or paid ads, both are ways to make yourself visible. You will have to go that extra mile and deliver unique content that keeps bringing readers and traders back to your website.

Finally, do not forget to check regulation when it comes to content marketing. Plenty of brokers have various licenses that change the way marketing is done. There is a special legal lingo around forex when it comes to licensing authorities, so make sure to plug in those practices. Usually, most brokers will inform you and send you guides on how to stay compliant.  

If you join our partner programme, we’ll help you pick the right commission plan that works for you. Get in touch today to learn more about our generous payout structures and how we can help you make the most of your affiliate or IB business.


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