Companies and websites which use their traffic to earn money will be very familiar with Google. 

Whilst Google – contrary to popular belief – isn’t the be-all and end-all of advertising, it is still an unarguably powerful tool that can be used to drive revenues.

Our affiliates are already very engaged and familiar with the process of placing ads on Google in order to drive traffic to TIOmarkets and to make money on their referrals.

So, what are they doing right?

Text ads? Keyword placements? Native advertising? Display ads? Retargeting?

Google is a veritable minefield of mindboggling opportunity.  However, too many services can dilute and confuse.  Let’s talk about the low-hanging fruit and how / why absolutely any affiliate can benefit from Google’s services.

  1. Low barriers of entry

Pretty much anybody can open a Google Adwords account if they are in a jurisdiction that allows free use of Google.  This applies to most of the world except some parts of China – that’s important to know if you plan on targeting Chinese audiences.   Whilst it’s easy to open an account, users can benefit from a little bit of training to make sure that their ads are properly set up and optimising efficiently.

Let’s be realistic and talk about what’s easy:

  • ✓ Setting up an adwords account with Google 
  • ✓ Setting up a payment method
  • ✓ Reporting on the effectiveness of your ads

And here is what’s not so easy that we recommend further training on – there are an abundance of free tutorials:

  • ✓ Setting up your campaigns
  • ✓ Optimising on your content
  • ✓ Optimising on your costs

That leads us to our next point.

  2. Cost-efficient

This is both true and false.  Google adwords will charge you according to the popularity of the keyword that you are using. So if you are using a particularly popular keyword, you will find that it can be very expensive.  Google can be very cost-efficient for you if you are careful about the words that you are using in your ad copy.  We suggest that you use a keyword tool such as

Google keyword planner in order to identify the potential costs of your keywords in order to help with your planning.  Be smart about the words you are using – use a thesaurus to avoid the popular keywords! Or be smart about it by using longtail keywords – these are often sentences or phrases that people might use to search for a particular product or service, that are more likely to be low-cost.

3. Versatile

With its multiple offerings, you can use Google to make text ads like this one:

Or you can attract people with a more visual offer using a display advert – or a banner. Like this one:

Last but not least, Google can be a very useful tool in retargeting. What does this mean? This means that display ads or banners are shown to people who have already shown interest in your brand or offering, but who perhaps haven’t taken the plunge to commit yet.  Think about the last major purchase you made.  Did you purchase the product on the same day that you heard about it for the first time? Probably not.  For big purchases that might require dipping into savings and investments, it requires time.  People need to think about it and evaluate it. And for this reason, retargeting comes in handy because it allows people the time to think, while providing a gentle reminder every so often which doesn’t allow them to forget.  Smart marketers might also choose to use a special campaign for retargeting ads which will seal the deal. For instance a free-trial offer, or another special discount of some sort.

Whilst we all know the power and the potential of Google, in order to really tap into it, it’s worth getting to know its products and features intimately.   We strongly suggest that if our affiliates aren’t already using Google to direct their traffic to our high conversion websites, that they look into some free training on getting to know it better – in order to beat the competition and to increase the money back that is returned to you in the form of commissions.  

Best of luck to you all.

TIO Staff

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