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To QE or not to QE? RBA cuts their asset purchases from five to four billion AUD but extends the period resulting in no meaningful action. This could be what the other central banks will also want to do: leaving their QE programs mostly untouched while the Fed tapering is delayed. As a result, the USD rallies and commodity currencies are hit hardest. The RBA kept the rates unchanged at 0.10% as expected. The announcement created a fake rally that was quickly faded. The RBA board decided to keep the target rate 0.10% and the interest rate on exchange settlement balances at 0%. The board will keep the April 2024 Australian Government bond target rate at 0.10% and continue buying government bonds at a rate of AUD $4 billion per week until at least February 2022. Dengan membaca lebih lanjut, Anda setuju dengan penafian kami di akhir laporan ini dan mengakui bahwa kami tidak memberikan saran investasi.

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FX Sept 07
FX Sept 07

Currency performance. Compared to London open yesterday the weakest currencies are NZD (-0.36%) and AUD (-0.36%) after the RBA decided to keep the rates unchanged and didn’t really decrease their QE program to any meaningful extent. The strongest currency today is the CHF (0.16%) with the USD (0.07%) right behind it.

Commodities Sept 07
Commodities Sept 07

Commodity performance. When looking at the commodities performance since the beginning of Q3 it’s remarkable how correlated platinum (-6.23%), silver (-7.00%) and USOIL (-7.97%) have been. What’s common with these three commodities is their industrial use while gold (1.87%) is seen as a speculative asset or an inflation hedge. The recent trend change in oil, silver and platinum suggests that the investors are again betting for growth. Relative to these markets gold’s movements have remained fairly modest reflecting uncertainty related to the impact of possibly tightening central bank policy while the current administration in the US looks to continue pushing through colossal infrastructure and social spending.

Stocks Sept 06

The S&P 500 (-0.03%), the DJIA (-0.21%) and the Nasdaq (0.21%) finished the day with mixed results. All the indices traded sideways on Friday and the same can be said about the last week as a whole. We have a slight upward tendency in the major indices that have been moving steadily higher with low volatility but most sectors closed lower on Friday. Only the technology (0.40%) and the healthcare (0.11%) sectors made small gains. The utility sector (-0.83%)  lost the most. Top performers on our watchlist were WPM, NVDA, LRCX, PYPL and AVGO while DD, NTES, LVS, AAL and SLB were the biggest losers. 

The above chart shows the % performance of each stock. Stocks are presented here with the S&P 500 tracking ETF (SPY, red line) to illustrate the performance of each stock relative to the benchmark index. This allows our readers to see the potential for intraday trading opportunities in these stocks. Often the sudden increase in volatility continues on the second day. You should, therefore, keep monitoring these stocks to see if they will satisfy your criteria for a trade. All % performance charts in this report are courtesy of

RBA rate decision was the main risk event today and the market is still reacting to it. The other key events today are MPC member Saunder’s speech (BOE) and the ZEW Economic Sentiment release. For details on other important macroeconomic releases, see the TIOmarkets economic calendar di sini.

EURUSDDaily Sept 07

Market update: We pointed out yesterday that EURUSD has created a bearish shooting star candle and a decisive break below Friday’s low (1.1865) would confirm the indication. Yesterday’s price action was indecisive but that’s not a surprise as the day was a bank holiday in the US and Canada. Therefore nothing much has changed but now that the central banks are trying to balance between the likely future Fed policy and supporting their own economies the dollar pairs (of which the EURUSD is obviously the biggest and most important market) will be highly interesting. The key price levels and areas in EURUSD are 1.1663, 1.1804 (50-day SMA and a previous resistance level), 1.1892 – 1.1908 (38.2% retracement level and a weekly resistance level) and 1.1965 – 1.1975 (the 50% retracement level and a daily swing point).

AUDUSDDaily Sept 07

AUDUSD has been selling off today after it reacted to the RBA decision with a fake rally. It seems that the 38.2% retracement level was too much for the bulls and now that the RBA isn’t really going to taper but cuts here and adds there (cuts AUD $1 billion per week but at the same extends the QE period by three months) traders are selling the AUD against the USD. As it seems that the AUDUSD pair cannot stay above the 0.7426 level then probabilities are that there’s going to be a counter move against the recent bull move. The next key price level zone is at 73.05 – 73.20 where we have the SMA(20 and the 23.6% retracement level. A sustained rally above 74.77 would negate these bearish indications.

NZDJPYDaily Sept 07
NZDJPYDaily Sept 07

NZDJPY rallied strongly but now that the pair is losing momentum near to a weekly resistance level (78.65). Stochastic Oscillator is in the overbought zone and about to give a sell signal. If this weakness continues and the pair cannot rally above Friday’s high (78.64) it’s likely that NZDJPY retraces back to a 23.6% Fibonacci level (77.68). The 76.84 – 77.09 range (SMAs and the 38.2% retracement level) is an important confluence zone.

Driver Makro untuk USD 
Karena pasar yang paling banyak diikuti, diinvestasikan, dan diperdagangkan untuk aset berisiko diberi harga dalam USD, akan sangat membantu untuk memahami faktor ekonomi makro apa yang memengaruhi sisi lain persamaan, USD. Baik kita memperdagangkan EURUSD, XAUUSD, atau CFD ekuitas AS, faktor-faktor yang memengaruhi dolar, nominator dalam persamaan, memiliki peran penting dalam pembentukan semua aksi harga jangka menengah hingga jangka panjang. Tabel berikut merangkum dasar-dasar yang paling penting.

FEDKetua Fed Powell mengatakan pada hari Jumat (27 Agustus) di Jackson Hole Symposium bahwa tapering dapat dimulai pada tahun 2021 tetapi juga menyuarakan kekhawatiran tentang penyebaran varian delta.
RangsanganAnggota parlemen AS telah mengesahkan sekitar lima triliun dolar stimulus ekonomi sejak awal pandemi. Sekarang, anggota parlemen AS telah menyetujui rencana belanja infrastruktur $1,2 triliun. Pejabat The Fed mempertimbangkan untuk mengakhiri pembelian aset pada pertengahan tahun 2022.
HasilTerlepas dari kenaikan baru-baru ini (yang dimulai pada Agustus 2021), imbal hasil Treasury telah bergerak lebih rendah sejak Maret 2021. Secara keseluruhan, imbal hasil dan suku bunga sangat rendah baik secara nominal maupun riil.
PekerjaanAfter two highly positive employment reports (+938K and +943K) the August number (+235K) was a big disappointment but in fact at a level that used to be the norm in the years before the pandemic. This number could delay the Fed taper but isn’t likely to reverse their decision to taper.
InflasiIHK inti bulan ke bulan (tidak termasuk makanan dan energi) untuk bulan Juli tercatat sebesar 0,3% (ekspektasi 0,4%) yang mengindikasikan penurunan besar pada tingkat inflasi dari bulan sebelumnya (0,9%). The Fed sebelumnya telah mengambil pandangan bahwa inflasi bersifat sementara dan karena itu akan cenderung memudar. Meskipun satu titik data tidak membuat tren tampaknya The Fed telah benar dalam proyeksi inflasi mereka. Kayu berjangka misalnya sekali lagi diperdagangkan pada level Oktober 2020 dan turun lebih dari 70% dari tertinggi Mei. 

Buka akun VIP Black sekarang di Kami ingin Anda dapat memanfaatkan peluang perdagangan di pasar keuangan dengan komisi 0 dan spread yang ketat. Manfaatkan akun trading terbaik di industri: Tiomarkets VIP Black. Untuk detail lebih lanjut tentang penawaran yang benar-benar luar biasa ini, lihat di sini.

 Berita & Fakta Pasar 

  • RBA kept rates at 0.10% and cut but extended QE
  • Australian consumer confidence 100 (101.8 prior)
  • German factory orders +3.4% (-1.0% expected)
  • Saudi Arabia cuts oil prices for Asia
  • New Zealand ANZ Commodity Price index -1.6% (-1.4% prior)
  • Mercedes: chip shortage to stay in 2022
  • China Services PMI 46.7 (52.6 expected)
  • Gazprom to switch all settlements from USD to CNY
  • US Factory Orders 0.4% (0.3% expected)
  • WHO: Variant Mu could be resistant to coronavirus vaccines
  • Australia July trade balance 12.1 bn AUD surplus (10.2bn expected)
  • OPEC in agreement on increasing output gradually 
  • US ISM Manufacturing Index 59.9 (58.6 expected)
  • USD under pressure after ADP disappointment (374K, 640K expected)
  • BBC: Varian baru virus corona bisa jadi lebih kebal terhadap vaksin

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Peristiwa Risiko Utama Berikutnya

  • GBP – MPC Member Saunder’s Speech
  • Sentimen Ekonomi EUR – ZEW
  • EUR – Sentimen Ekonomi ZEW Jerman

Untuk informasi dan detail lebih lanjut, lihat kalender ekonomi TIOmarkets di sini.

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Buka akun VIP Black sekarang di Kami ingin Anda dapat memanfaatkan peluang perdagangan di pasar keuangan dengan komisi 0 dan spread yang ketat. Manfaatkan akun trading terbaik di industri: Tiomarkets VIP Black. Untuk detail lebih lanjut tentang penawaran yang benar-benar luar biasa ini, lihat di sini. Untuk analisis dan komentar lebih lanjut, kunjungi kami Saluran Youtube di mana Anda dapat menemukan video komentar pasar untuk mendukung pembelajaran dan pertumbuhan Anda sebagai pedagang. 

PENOLAKAN TIOmarkets menawarkan layanan bebas konsultasi secara eksklusif. Pandangan yang diungkapkan dalam blog ini adalah pendapat kami saja dan disediakan murni untuk tujuan pendidikan dan pemasaran dan BUKAN merupakan saran atau rekomendasi investasi (dan tidak boleh dianggap demikian) dan dengan cara apa pun bukan merupakan undangan untuk memperoleh instrumen keuangan apa pun atau produk. TIOmarkets dan afiliasinya serta konsultannya tidak bertanggung jawab atas segala kerusakan yang mungkin disebabkan oleh komentar atau pernyataan individu oleh analisis TIOmarkets dan tidak bertanggung jawab sehubungan dengan kelengkapan dan kebenaran konten yang disajikan. Investor bertanggung jawab penuh atas risiko keputusan investasinya. Analisis dan komentar yang disajikan tidak termasuk pertimbangan tujuan investasi pribadi, keadaan keuangan, atau kebutuhan Anda. Konten belum disiapkan sesuai dengan persyaratan hukum untuk analisis keuangan dan oleh karena itu, harus dilihat oleh pembaca sebagai informasi pemasaran. TIOmarkets melarang duplikasi atau publikasi tanpa persetujuan eksplisit. FX dan CFD adalah produk dengan leverage. Mereka tidak cocok untuk setiap investor, karena mereka membawa risiko tinggi kehilangan modal Anda. Harap pastikan Anda sepenuhnya memahami risiko yang terlibat. Semua harga dalam laporan ini adalah harga CFD berdasarkan grafik harga yang disediakan oleh TIOmarkets kecuali dinyatakan lain. 

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