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Are you a forex partner who hosts forex seminars and events to grow your network? Should you host your next event in-person, online, or both? 

A multi-access or “hybrid” event, in which participants can attend both in-person and virtually, is becoming increasingly popular. In this article we’ll discuss the pros and cons of hybrid events, and what the keys to success are if you want to create one yourself.

Seminars, events & gatherings

It’s hard to imagine hosting large-scale seminars, events or gatherings in this covid-stricken age, but hybrid gatherings give you the ability to scale up to thousands of attendants from all around the world, without the need for flights and accommodation, making your event instantly more accessible.

Are hybrid events worth the trouble?

There’s no denying that hosting a seminar both in-person and online is considerably more work. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the pros and cons of going hybrid, and get you the answers you need to get rolling!

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More potential traders can participate

More methods of access mean more people can attend. No matter what you do, there’s also going to be someone who can’t attend with one method, but may be able to with another. If you’re trying to reach a wide network of people, the more avenues the better.

People can join from anywhere in the world

Geography is often a huge constraint when you want to attend or host an event. No matter where your location is, it’s always going to be prohibitive for a decent number of people. This is especially true during a global pandemic, with black lists, red lists and restrictions galore.

Disadvantages of multi-access events It’s more work

When you go from one medium to two, you’ll need different skills, a bit more money, and you may need additional staff as well. Doing one medium for an event is hard enough – two simultaneously is a magnitude difficult.

It’s hard to do well.

An event that’s normally designed to be attended in person will have to be adapted for online access. It’s often hard to escape the feeling that online participants are second-class citizens, and you’ll need to work hard to mitigate these negative feelings and provide value for everybody. 

People who attend in-person will clearly feel a better connection to you and  other participants, with opportunities for chance encounters and side conversations, which enriches the experience in a way that just can’t be replicated online.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make sure that even your online participants go away feeling valued and rewarded. 

Taking into account the above obstacles, let’s get started on planning a great hybrid event!

How to organise a great hybrid event

Make both events a great experience on their own

As much as possible, online attendees should feel like they’re experiencing an event designed for them, and not just tuning in to watch someone else’s event. This means that both experiences should be designed with their medium in mind. If additional care or technical setup needs to be allocated for the online event to make it a more complete experience, then don’t shun that responsibility. 

For example, if you’re doing a live trading session and you’re using a chart to demonstrate the trade, it’s not enough to show the online participants a view of the big screen at the venue. Broadcast the actual slide or chart itself through your conference software directly to online users. This will make it easier for them to see, follow along and see what’s actually going on. 

Delegate to a dedicated “remote” person or team.

Think of any live event you can attend in-person or remotely, like a sporting event. There’s a team of people making sure that the in-person event is a great spectacle, and another set of people making sure that the event rewards online and TV viewers.

If you can dedicate one or more people to focus on the online experience, each side of the audience will get the attention they deserve. 

The dedicated online team member can also play the role of ambassador for your online audience, asking questions or contributing perspectives on their behalf, bringing their participation into the physical space and helping them feel represented. That person’s duties might also include monitoring social media chatter as well. 

Think about time zones.

Extending access to a larger audience means you need to think about where your participants will log in from. If you’re hosting the event in East Asia, but are also expecting people from Europe to attend, then you won’t want to host your event at 9am local time. 

If you can’t cater to all time zones, make sure you’re clear in your communications so that people can make the appropriate plans. Always state which time zones you’re referring to when referencing start and end times. 

Design for post-event attendance.

If you want to widen your potential audience even further, consider adding a final layer of participation – post-event participation. That is a recorded version of your online event. 

While it’s clearly not the same experience you’ll get from attending the session live, people who really did want to attend the event, but simply couldn’t, can still feel very much like they’ve been part of the seminar. You can still offer plenty of quality ways to engage with the event and conversation before and after the session.

Think about what prompts you can offer to these participants before the event occurs. Can you invite them to contribute their questions and comments? In most cases, you can – and you can then read those contributions aloud during the event, and get some reactions from your team and members of the audience. You can then share those portions of your recordings on your social channels so that these participants can feel included and keep the conversation going from there.

These tactics are useful for extending the impact of your forex event and will encourage continued engagement long after the actual event is over. 

Quality over quantity.

People aren’t really desperate to spend more time in front of their screens, so don’t focus on extending the length of the session just to provide value online. If you execute the experience well, people are more likely to make time for it. Don’t spread your resources too thin – you risk overwhelming your audience with too many options, and they may just decide to skip everything altogether.

Best to focus your energy on a few key areas to deliver a great experience, and then optimise for future events to see what works best.

In summary, to create a successful hybrid event, you should identify your business goals, design both experiences separately, and then execute and learn! For more guidance and advice on how to grow your business, contact [email protected] Get regular CPA, hybrid or rev-share payouts from a low-cost, reliable broker.

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