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Trending topics in the world of trading come and go. What’s important one day suddenly fades into irrelevance a week later. How are you meant to keep up with it all?

A method for keeping track of what’s trending can be a forex partner’s best weapon. It can help you fuel your digital marketing strategy, create new content, and reach your target audience with messages that resonate.

Enter Twitter trending topics, an excellent, up-to-the-minute resource for staying on top of what matters in the markets. You’ll learn what traders are talking about, how they’re feeling, and what the general buzz in the trading world is today. From that, you can start creating campaigns around topics that are likely to drive more traffic to your channels.

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What Are Twitter-Trending Topics?

As a forex affiliate, you’re probably a user of Twitter, and you’ve probably already seen the platform’s “What’s Happening” and “For You” features as you’ve scrolled through.

The topics in this section are chosen by Twitter’s algorithm that analyses what people are talking about to determine which topics are popular and on the rise. Here, you’ll find popular tweets that have high engagement, but also a collection of stories and headlines associated with those topics to provide context.

Twitter curates this section based on the accounts you follow, your interactions and tweets you’ve liked or shared in the past. This is helpful because what’s trending in the world of forex and trading is not necessarily what’s trending with your friends, family, or the rest of the world.

To find your trending topics, click on the Search icon in the Twitter app. On the website, look on the right-hand sidebar for the What’s Happening section, or click on Explore to see a more complete list of headlines, tweets and topics. This is a great place to look for bandwagons you might want to hop on to, and a good place from which to start focusing your social and content marketing efforts.

6 Ways To Use Twitter-Trending Topics

  1. See what’s popular in the markets

If you have a separate Twitter account for your forex partnership business which focuses almost exclusively on the markets, you’re going to start seeing tweets that reflect what traders are talking about. 

This will help you figure out what’s important to market participants right now. You may feel like you already know what the big topics of the day are, but you need validation as well as new ideas. 

  1. See trader opinions on the topics of the day

Once you get a good idea of what’s trending, you can dig a little deeper to learn how people are reacting to the market-moving news of the day.

Often, Twitter’s trending topics will show you news sources from around the world. In addition, you’ll also be able to explore tweets from users who are discussing the topic. The idea here is that every topic will elicit a range of opinions. These real tweets on the topics can serve as your focus group, where you can hear from real traders about what’s important to them in the markets and how they’re reacting.

  1. Check topics to finder patterns

In addition to helping you have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening today, Twitter trending topics can also help you see what kinds of topics consistently trend. By checking this area frequently, you’ll start to get an idea of what’s popular with your audience, rather than trends that are a flash in the pan.

When you start to see topics regularly come up, you will be able to focus your own tweets and general content marketing around these core issues.

  1. Identify dying trends

On a similar note, you can also use trending topics to help you see which stories are losing momentum. As you sit down to create marketing campaigns, it’s easy to look backwards and think about what’s worked in the past, or what you feel you’re supposed to be talking about.

But trading isn’t a static industry. What’s important to traders today is not exactly the same as what was important five years ago, or last month. Use Twitter trending topics to see which conversations are growing and which are waning. 

For example, the NFP used to be a hot-button issue for many traders, and Twitter would be flooded with NFP discussions on the first Friday of every month. However, that essential quality to the NFP has changed as it has lost some of its economic importance over the years (although it recently saw a rise to prominence again during the pandemic, when unemployment became a key market focus once again).

If the topic isn’t regularly making the Twitter trending topics list, you might want to think about refocusing your content into other areas. Marketing and social media take time – and you don’t want to waste that time by screaming into the wind. Another excellent source for seeing what topics are gaining or declining in popularity is Google Trends. You can use this as a source to verify what you’re seeing on Twitter. Have a look at how searches for the term “NFP” have steadily dropped since 2010.

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  1. Identify related hashtags and keywords

Which keywords, phrases and hashtags are people using to talk about hot issues in the markets today? Which are they not using? You’ll learn a lot by researching trending topics and top tweets. If you’re creating PPC ads or keyword-driven ads, knowing which natural keywords and hashtags to use can help you lean into the discussion more authentically, and can help you boost your ad performance and save you from spending on ads that don’t resonate.

  1. Get content ideas

When you’re stuck on what to write about, turning to Twitter to see what’s trending can offer some decent inspiration. Keep in mind that you don’t have to write about exactly what’s trending – you can use the trending list to try and think of general, related concepts that you can talk about. For example, if you see that a trade deal between the UK and New Zealand has been announced and is trending, you might want to delve into what this means for the New Zealand dollar, GBPNZD and NZDUSD.



Twitter isn’t only excellent for checking news and sending updates. If you dive deeper into what your audience is discussing surrounding the markets, it can give you powerful insights that can help you hone your content and social media marketing. 

Make sure that you have a separate account for your market-related activities, and that you stay engaged with your network so that Twitter can better adjust the trending topics it shows you.

Let this research inform what you discuss on your website and your social media channels. You never know what you’ll learn along the way!

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