Open Account Trading Carries Risk

Dear TIOnauts

Nobody could have anticipated the success of the tradeio’s FX brand TIOmarkets, when it first came into being, in 2019.

The company, in order to thrive and prosper in a crowded FX environment, has had to adjust and optimise in order to respond to market changes.  It was this ability to constantly improve that has set the company on a trajectory towards achieving the goal of being one of the top global FX brokerages worldwide. A goal we hope to achieve within 5 to 10 years.

By achieving this goal, we plan to add value to our native token, the TIOx.  

To date, TIOprime – one of the industry’s now oldest crypto interest accounts – has never missed a payment and has paid out close to 1 million dollars in payouts to its participants.   The payouts are consistent and reliable owing to the success of its sister company, TIOmarkets.

Meanwhile, – our crypto exchange – as we all well know, has been resting in hibernation until such time as management see the crypto environment and conditions advantageous enough to re-launch not a fine, not a good or ok, but a truly excellent crypto exchange and new home for our TIOx.

The above tells the story of a management team and board who behind the scenes have had to make hard sacrifices and decisions for the good of the company and for the good of its investors – the TIOnauts and TIOx holders.  

To this end, we wish to bid an extremely fond farewell to William Heyn who is no longer CEO of  On behalf of the management team and I’m sure many TIOnauts, we truly cannot thank him enough for his dedication.  Bill was the face of the company when the exchange went into hibernation, which made him the key point of contact for some supportive but many critical comments.  He was a steadfast and loyal member of the team who had an incredibly difficult duty to hold the TIOprime fort, thereby giving the TIOmarkets brand the time and space to thrive. He responded to all our TIOnauts when addressed, and responded with wit, patience and reason.  

As we are sure there will be many questions about Bill’s departure, please note the following:

  1. Support queries can be directed to [email protected] or [email protected] respectively.  For quick answers, clients can ask questions on our live chat which can be found prominently on our home page To keep up-to-date with company announcements, make sure that is safe-listed with your email servers, and visit or blog  
  2. Whilst many of our loyal TIOnauts have already been so patient in their support of our group of companies, we remind you now that there is a little more road to travel. Whilst you will not have a key point of contact in telegram, you can observe company progress through our stats portal on and will be the first to receive announcements by email as and when they happen.
  3. We pledge to persevere in our goal to add value to the TIOx. Actions and sheer hard work is our weapon of choice.
  4. Despite Bill’s departure, there is a great volume of extremely highly-skilled, professional talent working in the background to generate the successes that manifest in the TIOprime daily payouts.  

Whilst Bill will be missed, this is not the end.  Our growth strategy continues, undeterred. 

We look forward to bringing you further announcements and to demonstrating continued growth.

T.I.O Group Holdings 

Management team


Tio blog