Open Account Trading Carries Risk

Liquidity Pool payouts will occur in USDT instead of ETH from Monday 24th of May.

On Monday, 24th of May, TIOprime will start distributing payouts to all Liquidity Pool participants in USDT instead of Ethereum.

What’s the advantage of USDT for you?

  • The price of USDT is much more stable than ETH; the value of 1 USDT is pegged to the US dollar
  • USDT online transactions are low-cost
  • It is a widely accepted and highly popularised currency, readily available on most crypto exchanges
  • It is the world’s most highly traded crypto currency. As of April 2021, overall USDT volumes accounted for more than double BTC volumes (BTC being the second-most widely traded crypto).*


What do I need to do?

Nothing. We will automatically create a USDT (UST) account for you and will input your payouts in your new currency directly into your new account, still accessible via your portal.

On Friday 21 May, you will receive an email with your new UST account credentials.

What will happen with your existing ETH payouts?

Nothing. Your existing Ethereum payouts will remain in your ETH account. If you wish to have your old ETH payouts converted to USDT, email [email protected] and we can help facilitate this for you. You may also use your old or new payouts to trade on other markets. Ask us how, on livechat.

How do I find my new USDT (UST) account?

Your new account will be located via your secure portal by visiting the login here

Is the payout calculation changing?

No, the payout calculation will not change, and the payouts are still calculated according to volumes/performance of TIOmarkets. Only the currency of your daily payout will change.

Why is the name of my new account “UST” and not  “USDT”?

The base currency of your new account will be USD Tether.  All TIOmarkets & TIOprime account names are consistently restricted to three characters. So, whilst the name of the account is UST, the currency is actually USDT.

Visit for more information.

*Source: Most traded cryptocurrency worldwide 2021 | Statista


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