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Dear TIOnauts,

Greeting TIOnauts.  I hope that you are all well and enjoying spring if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, and having a lovely autumn if you reside south of the Equator.  Speaking of spring, I hope that you have all noticed that TIOmarkets is undergoing a bit of a “spring” itself.

As you all can see from the growing volumes and payouts, TIOmarkets is expanding at a rapid clip.  It does appear that all of the hard work that the TIOmarkets team has put in is really starting to pay off.  Pick a metric and we are up.  Users are up, volume is up and, perhaps most importantly, payouts for TIOprime are up.  However, we are not sitting idly by.  We are still growing our team and looking for ever more expansion in the business.  We have also implemented some small changes this month to the user experience, including a section of the dashboard to show the total distribution for each participant.  A small change, but hopefully something to improve your user experience, and help you keep track of all the ETH coming into your wallets, of course.

As always, good is not enough for us and we have more work to do.  The team is actively working in the background on a number of fronts.  The most obvious of which is that while the price of TIOx is slowly gaining steam, it is not even close to where we want it to be.  Aside from our ongoing efforts to keep payouts increasing, we have a number of additional efforts underway:

–          We are working with CMC to have the data reported; unfortunately there is only so much we can do since it is a volume based system.  Once volume goes up, the reporting should be there.

–          Speaking of volume, we are continuing our quest to find the best trading venue for TIOx, whether that be another exchange, Uniswap or both.

–          We are working on providing additional options for the payout currency.  This sounds simple, but is surprisingly complex on a technical level, but we are on it.

–          Our sales effort to attract new TIOx investors is ongoing, including our sales group and marketing campaigns.

In summary, we like the direction that things are headed, but recognize that there is much more to accomplish; we remain dedicated to achieving the goals we have set for TIOx.

As always, don’t forget these monthly updates:

  • If you have not done so yet, check out Janne Muta’s daily insights via commentary, video, webinar and more, to help you make informed trading decisions.  Janne has continued his streak of excellent analysis and insight and his work is worth the read.  If you would like to receive these updates, you can do so, at no cost, by signing up at
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  • If you are worried about how the fast-moving markets might affect your investment during these times, we have set up a dedicated webpage providing up-to-date market information plus webinars, podcasts and more. Please bookmark this page to keep apprised of any market news that might affect your trading portfolio, or if you are interested in seeing how industry leaders are coping with the crisis. 
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That is all that I have for this month TIOnauts.  We are going back to the grindstone and will relentlessly maintain our efforts to create the value for TIOx that we all seek. 


Bill Heyn



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