Open Account Trading Carries Risk

Dear TIOnauts,

Happy May TIOnauts from all of us here in the family of companies.  I hope that your year continues to be healthy and prosperous. 

TIOmarkets continues to thrive and grow.  You will likely notice that April was down a bit from our record numbers in March.  This seems to be nothing other than normal fluctuations in trading volumes that are to be expected as the business expands.  We continue to strive for growth in the TIOmarkets business in our push to create additional value for TIOx.

Our plans to drive trading volume in TIOx also persist.  In an effort to provide additional utility to TIOx, we have launched an offer this month that you can see at  The basic concept is that TIOmarkets traders who purchase TIOx from any of the exchanges, UniSwap, Mercatox or IDEX (not from our portal), are eligible for reduced commissions in a standard account.  The real savings associated should create buying pressure for the token and help cross-market the crypto side of our business to the FX side.

Perhaps the most important part of raising awareness and demand for TIOx is the establishment of our TIOx sales group.  We have been hard at work planning for this but have run into a roadblock that is all too familiar these days.  We are, unfortunately, at the whim of the ongoing pandemic and the local restrictions in place to mitigate the spread.  In other words, we have the plan and the people lined up, we just can’t hire and employ them until we are allowed to use the space at our office set aside for them.  Frustrating indeed, but, for obvious reasons, safety and following the rules must come first.  The good news is that we expect the local restrictions to be lifted very soon and we will be off to the races.

In the meantime, we do have a number of other initiatives that are underway, including an email campaign to support the TIOx offer.  We are also looking at new exchanges, Coinbene was suggested, for example.  It is challenging to find the right new exchange; it must be compliant, follow the rules and have sufficient volume and interest to be worth listing on but, at the same time, it has to be reasonable.  Many of the large exchanges are prohibitively expensive these days.

As always, we are torn between the knowledge that we are making progress and the understanding that we have so much further to go.  It is a constant struggle here within the family.

As always, don’t forget these monthly updates:

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That is the update for the month TIOnauts.  As always, we are dedicated to finding a path forward for TIOx to achieve the goals in volume and price that we have set and get us all where we need to be.


Bill Heyn



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