Open Account Trading Carries Risk

Dear TIOnauts,

Greeting TIOnauts!  As always, I hope that this finds you safe, secure and prosperous.  It’s getting to be summer here in the northern hemisphere and it will be nice to have some sunnier weather.  The warmer weather and vaccinations have led us almost back to normal here; I hope that wherever you reside the pandemic situation is improving as well.

As usual, we had a great month in May, following our solid April numbers.  The continued pace of putting month after month of strong results together is a true testament to the business that we have built in TIOmarkets and to the great people we have working on it day in and day out.  Plans and initiatives aside, it is the power of the TIOmarkets business that will drive value in TIOx and I am happy to see it continue to thrive.   

The biggest change that we implemented this month was the switch from making payouts in ETH to USDt.  The reasoning behind this move should be pretty clear, but just to put some perspective on it, there was one period in April when a dollar we paid out in TIOprime earnings would have been worth less than 40 cents not ten days later.  Of course, the opposite could occur, but that is a choice that we no longer felt comfortable making for you.  Put another way, if you would like to risk your earnings in ETH, then great, however, it is not fiscally responsible for us to push that risk on you.  We felt that we needed to make this move quickly, so we took the simplest path, which was to switch over all payments to USDt.  We do recognize that many of you would like to have payments in ETH or TIOx, or possibly other instruments.  That function is being built as we speak but, since it is much more complex, it will be some time before we are ready to deploy that option for you.  Rest assured it is in the works.         

Despite the great numbers at TIOmarkets we are not resting on our laurels and have numerous promotions, improvements and new services in place to drive more business.  If you have not yet had a chance to do, so please check some of them out.  We have released our TIOsignals app for both Apple and Android.  You can check that out here,  Also, don’t forget the ongoing promotion for an up to 30% bonus when you purchase TIOx on an exchange and deposit into a Signature account,  Last, but not least, you may have forgotten, but this last Friday was TIOmarkets’ 2nd birthday.  Even though it was our birthday, we decided to give our loyal TIOnauts a gift instead; you may have heard, but trading commissions in Standard accounts have been lowered from $6 to $5, so if you have not tried TIOmarkets out yet, now is a great time to do so.                  

As always, don’t forget these monthly updates:

  • If you have not done so yet, check out Janne Muta’s daily insights via commentary, video, webinar and more, to help you make informed trading decisions.  Janne has continued his streak of excellent analysis and insight and his work is worth the read.  If you would like to receive these updates, you can do so, at no cost, by signing up at
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  • If you are worried about how the fast-moving markets might affect your investment during these times, we have set up a dedicated webpage providing up-to-date market information plus webinars, podcasts and more. Please bookmark this page to keep apprised of any market news that might affect your trading portfolio, or if you are interested in seeing how industry leaders are coping with the crisis. 
  • This update was published on Telegram and the TIOmarkets blog, publicly available to view here:  We are changing the way we send emails in response to feedback from the community about spam and no-receive challenges.  Any TIOnaut who has signed up to TIOprime, TIOmarkets (or who is in the Liquidity Pool) will remain in our database and will continue to receive important TIOmarkets news.  If you have not yet signed up on any of those spots and wish to continue to receive email updates, please do so at this time.  

I will leave it at that TIOnauts.  We are back to work, as we are every day, striving to make TIOmarkets grow to drive TIOprime payouts and support the price of TIOx.


Bill Heyn



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