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4-day working week

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It is the company’s great pleasure and pride to announce that it will be offering the 4-day working week to its employees.

Since the company’s launch in 2019, the team have worked relentlessly to build the company’s products and services, helping us to grow at an unprecedented rate and heralding our potential to be one of the world’s top brokerages within 5 to 10 years.  

Our low-cost trading environment with account types from $0 commissions per lot plus tight spreads, combined with personalised support has proven to be extremely popular with traders of all experience levels and as of today we are proud to boast a diversified client base from 140+ countries worldwide, plus a huge range of tradable CFD instruments.

Despite our successes to date, we believe that our team will work even better if they have a healthy work-life balance.  So with this in mind, we are offering a new working schedule to our Cyprus-based employees, consisting of a four-day working week, with no reduction in wage or in annual leave.

We feel that this is absolutely the best way to say thank you to our skilled team, who persevere in contributing to the growth of the company, and who help us to position TIOmarkets as one of the best brokerages in terms of cost, product and service, worldwide.

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