In another attempt to impersonate TIOmarkets, a malicious rumour that the company is closing down has been circulating.

The TIOmarkets management team confirms that this is not true. TIOmarkets is not the first nor the last company to fall victim to copycats. We are often copied and emulated by individuals who are looking to profit from our failure.

CMO of TIOmarkets, Helen Astaniou, comments on the latest scam:

On behalf of the company, we’d like to assure you that we will never give trading instructions, nor we will ever ask anyone for credit card or other personal information.

If you suspect a scammer, please report it to us so we can inform the financial authorities.

Elsewhere, it was recently reported to us that scammers have been impersonating the company’s employees, and giving trading instructions.

The TIOmarkets management team wish to strongly advise clients to take extreme precaution with their trading accounts and/or depositing money with any firm or individual emulating us.

Under no circumstance, please note the following:

  • TIOmarkets will never give trading advice over the phone
  • Clients are advised to never give out personal details over the phone

While our own platforms are secure and our clients enjoy a safe trading experience, we cannot guarantee the safety of client funds outside of our own ecosystem. As a kind reminder, please always take precaution to ensure both your funds and trading account remains safe and secure. 

If you think you’ve been scammed by a company posing as TIOmarkets, contact us at [email protected] with further information.  

TIO Staff

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