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Trade Safe During Covid-19 With Risk-free Trading

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limited-time offer – your money back if the market moves against you

The markets have never been so volatile. With the world in a panic over COVID-19, this could leave participants of the financial markets feeling helpless.

While we all hope for profit during this time, the reality is that big moves in the market are likely to result in significant losses for your investment.

For 30 days only, TIOmarkets is offering their top subscription package, the VIP Black for free. As part of this package, our traders will have access to TIOshield (TS) trades.

Any TIOshield (TS) trade placed on MT4 will return your money to you in 60 minutes in case the markets move against you.

So you will never lose your investment or be stopped out. In simple terms – this equates to risk-free trading.  

In addition to the TIOshield, our VIP Black FX subscription package also offers tight spreads and zero commissions – this equates to cost-free trading.

Our VIP Black package is usually offered to our traders at a cost of $49.95 per month, however from 30th March up until 30th April, it will be entirely free.  

How to get TIOshield trade reversal

  1. Register with
  2. Upload a valid government-issued ID and recent proof of address to get verified (within 14 days).
  3. Click to OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT and select VIP Black.
  4. Deposit the minimum amount of 1k USD (or currency equivalent). This is not a charge or fee – these funds are yours to trade or to withdraw if you wish.
  5. We will automatically reimburse the cost of 49.95 USD into your trading account, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of the VIP Black subscription package, risk-free.

This subscription package is ideal for high-volume traders who wish to cut their trading costs, and is also ideal for any investor wishing to protect their investment from extreme volatility.

Stay healthy. Stay safe. Trade safe with TIOmarkets during COVID-19.

Visit for more information. Terms apply.

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