Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure to announce TIOprime is officially live!

TIOprime is the first-ever investment portal allowing clients to benefit from the success of an FX brokerage – TIOmarkets. 

Users who sign up can enjoy daily interest returns with complete transparency – an occurrence entirely uncommon in the FX industry.

Members of can enjoy browsing in-depth statistics, as well as graphs and other widgets highlighting the performance of both TIOprime Pool and TIOmarkets. 

Investors can, therefore, access the ongoing successes for both the company and, most importantly for their own investment.

Any user who invests in TIOx (Trade Token X) will receive daily payouts according to the success of TIOmarkets that day. Find out more

The benefits of TIOprime include:

Full Control: You can increase and decrease your investment on TIOprime Pool, or even exit the platform on any given day.

Control your investment: With 6 structured tiers tiered categories, you can increase your potential returns.

Transparency: The daily interest distribution is fully transparent. Payments are based on the daily Notional Volume of TIOmarkets.

Earn Daily Interest: Based on the number of tokens and the volume TIOmarkets generate each day, you’ll receive a daily payout and your share of the company’s profit. 

So far, TIOprime Pool has returned $500,000 and counting to investors. (Includes Liquidity Pool contributions)

Monetise your partnership with us

Join TIOprime as an investor or partner with us, we are looking for an Influencer, Affiliate or Introducer to join us! Not only will you benefit from your monthly referrals, but you will also receive daily payouts from the liquidity pool. 

Got more questions? Our FAQ has got you covered.

TIO Staff

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