INVESTORS! Have you always wanted to invest in the markets, but unsure how to go about it? Or are you an experienced trader looking for more ways to earn?

The launch of TIOmarkets’ latest offering might be exactly what you’re looking for.

A PAMM account allows you to earn money by placing your investment into the trading account of professional traders, who will apply their solid trading strategy using your (and their!) funds. 

So whether you lack the confidence to trade on your own or you simply don’t have the time, a PAMM account might just be the way to go.

PROFESSIONAL TRADERS! You’ll already be familiar with PAMM as an additional revenue stream. The more investors who invest in your account, the larger the potential for return. 

What is so special about our offering though is that it is one of the only cross-platform PAMM accounts that exist. So if your trading occurs on MT4 but your investors are on MT5 – no problem!

So, what exactly is PAMM?

PAMM, which stands for “per cent allocation money management”, is a trading service which allows traders to connect to a “Master” account  – an account that simultaneously manages multiple trading accounts. 

All TIOmarkets clients who are fully registered and who are KYC-approved, are enabled access to our PAMM service, whether they want to have their money managed by someone else or if they want to be the money manager.

The PAMM account will (automatically) gather the total sum of the deposits of all investors and proportionally distribute any profits to the investors.

What is a Money Manager? 

Money managers are typically experienced and often professional traders that use PAMM as an opportunity to increase their income and benefit further from their successful and established trading strategies. 

When the manager first signs into the TIOmarkets PAMM platform, they will create an ‘offer’ which explains a little bit about the trading strategy that they will be using, and what the charges are for joining. The money manager is also responsible for approving whether an investor can join his trading strategy.

What is the benefit of PAMM for a trader ‘Follower’?

PAMM is ideal for investors with little or no trading experience, or with limited time to trade. The investor can select their money manager to benefit from their successes.  

Upon sign up, the investor can choose exactly which money manager they would like to join, and they can evaluate the performance of the money manager before signing up. 

What is the benefit of PAMM for a Money Master “Master”?

Money managers are given access to a large pool of investors, traders, who can choose to have their money managed by the Master. 

Masters set their own conditions, fees, and charges and are ranked by their trade history performance so the system is very transparent to potential followers. When followers sign up to the manager they are earning the set fees and charges as well as potential profits from their own trades.

How can you get started with PAMM at TIOmarkets?

  1. Sign up for a TIOmarkets trading account here:
  2. Upload your KYC
  3. Open a live account and select PAMM from the drop-down
  4. Log in to using the credentials from your PAMM account and either choose your Money Manager or create your offer.

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