Happy birthday, to us!

Our doors have been open for one year now, and we had a full 12 months providing some the lowest cost trading conditions available ANYWHERE in the FX industry, to FX traders in all corners of the globe. 

Here is a run-down of our most popular offerings:

  • LEARNING VIDEOS: Learn to trade FX with our bitesized 10-part video series. (http://tiomarkets.com/forexbeginners)
  • SUBSCRIPTION TRADING: One low monthly fee replaces all ad-hoc costs! (https://tiomarkets.com/subscription-trading)
  • TIOshield: Get your investment back if the markets move against you. (https://tiomarkets.com/reverse-your-bad-trades)
  • 0 COMMISSIONS: Low trading costs with our top subscription package, VIP Black
  • FX IN QUARANTINE: Interviews, videos, webinars and breaking market news during COVID-19 (https://tiomarkets.com/fx-in-quarantine)

We’re doing something right

Month, on month, we’re experiencing unprecedented growth. Most importantly for us is that our clients, partners and traders are happy. You can read some of the unbiased reviews of our products and services by visiting trustpilot. 

Thank you for being part of the TIOmarkets journey

We love to celebrate, and our birthday provides that perfect opportunity. For one week only, we are giving every single depositing client a gift.

Place a deposit during the promotional period, which is from 1st – 5th of June, and we will thank you, with a trading gift that will leverage your trading potential.

The gifts:


To keep the promotion interesting, we won’t tell you which gift you are getting until you place the deposit! 

Let’s dig deeper into each prize: 

PRIZE 1:   Fixed-size trading bonus.

  • How much you will get will depend on how much you deposit 
  • Only your first deposit placed on that day will count – subsequent deposits aren’t counted!
  • We’ll deposit your trading bonus into your account within one working day of depositing!
The size of your deposit Your USD Trading Bonus 
200 -249 USD*100 USD
250-499 USD200 USD
500-749 USD300 USD
Over 750 USD400 USD

* USD or currency equivalent

PRIZE 2:   5000 TIOx fixed-sum crypto trading bonus

  • If you deposit on a TIOx day, we’ll give you 5000 of the company’s native crypto-token, the TIOx, regardless of the size of your deposit!
  • If you get this prize, you will need to open a Signature account. Do this by visiting your secure. portal, click on OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT and select SIGNATURE from the drop-down list.
  • We will deposit your 5000 TIOx trading bonus into your Signature account within one day. 
  • TIOx cannot be deposited into any other account type other than the TIOmarkets Signature account.
  • Your TIOx trading bonus cannot be entered into the TIOprime Pool.
  • Your TIOx can be used to trade with on MT5 only.
The size of your depositYour TIOx Trading Bonus
Minimum 200 USD*5000 TIOx

PRIZE 3:  DAX trading strategy

  • If you deposit on a DAX GAP day, we’ll send you a PDF by email, with information on how you can base one of your trading strategies around the interesting movements of the popular German index.  
  • This strategy has a retail price of $49.95 and cannot be resold.
  • The strategy is not investment advice and TIOmarkets is not responsible for the content contained within the document. Remember, losses can exceed gains!

PRIZE 4: Success webinar

  • If you deposit on the day that we are giving out the success webinar as a prize, we’ll send you the link by email, within one day of placing your deposit! 
  • This webinar is non-transferable for another prize and cannot be resold
  • The webinar does not provide investment advice and TIOmarkets is not responsible for the content contained within the document. Remember, losses can exceed gains!


  • This is the cherry on the top of our birthday cake. For the first time, ever, we are offering our FX subscription package, the “VIP Black” to our clients for free, for 30 days.
  • If you get this prize, we will inform you by email the next day, and you will benefit from the following conditions:
  • A. $0 commissions per standard lot
  • B. TIOshield – reverse your trades (Terms & Conditions Apply)
  • C. Basic and advanced educational resources
  • D. Regular webinars for basic and advanced level traders
  • E. Platinum level customer support
  • F. $0 will be paid for the first 30 days, then the user will be charged $49.95 every 30 days
  • If you get this prize, you must open a VIP Black account. Visit your secure portal, click on OPEN LIVE ACCOUNT and then select VIP Black from the drop-down menu. For the first time, ever, you will not be required to deposit the minimum requirement of $1k to activate the VIP Black! 
  • If you want to unsubscribe after one month, you can email [email protected].
  • You can only have a maximum of one VIP Black account
  • TIOshield may not be available during big market announcements such as the NFP.

Attractive, huh?

There are – as always – some terms. These are in place to protect both us, and you. Here is a summary, and for the full version you can visit www.tiomarkets.com/birthday-bonus

  • ★ The minimum deposit required to participate in the promotion is 200 EU
  • ★ This promotion commences on 00:01 BST+2 on 1st June 2020 and will run until 23:59 (BST+2) on 5th June 2020 (Promotional Period).  
  • ★ TIOmarkets will allocate the gifts at random. The client will be informed of which gift they have won, the day following their deposit, by email. 
  • ★ Each depositor can have one prize only. 
  • ★ The prizes are non-transferable and non-withdrawable.

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