TIOmarkets has been fully operational for one year already. And my word, how the year has flown by.

Many have a vested interest in seeing TIOmarkets become a successful multinational and multi-regulated brand. And others are curious to see how a new FX brokerage can evolve healthily in an already saturated space.


TIOmarkets was not simply invented one fine day in 2018. It did not fly in on an opportunistic wave. It is the brainchild of a team of successful FX veterans who wanted to see improvements in the FX industry, and the financial ecosystem as a whole. Some of these veterans had already created and developed FX brands and some had high-level experience overseeing the transition of binary brands into fast-growing forex brokerages. Others were successful introducers for established brands or otherwise involved in FX and crypto start-ups. Each brought their hard-earned experience, their knowledge and their ideas to the table.  

What started as an additional offering to crypto brand trade.io, and an opportunity for crypto clients to access the world’s largest and most liquid market, evolved into its own beast, and became successful in entirely its own right.

While all the initial indicators were positive, nobody quite knew how popular the offerings of TIOmarkets would become amongst FX clients and traders.

Unprecedented growth, month on month, of clients clamoring to access some of the FX industry’s most preferential trading products, combined with imitators and competitors mimicking the brand’s offerings in their own rip-off style, all assert the strength of the brand’s products and offerings. Why bother copying something that doesn’t have potential?  

A responsibility to our investors.

TIOmarkets was initially funded from proceeds of the successful ICO trade.io, which after many months of operation eventually closed its crypto exchange, no thanks to the disadvantageous environment of the crypto space in 2018. Where the crypto world offered an idealistic output to financial investors craving the desire for equality in finance, as well as an end to the injustices prevalent in traditional finance, the swings and turns of crypto did not make for a solid business model. Applying years of experience in the FX markets was the logical next move for the tradeio businesses, asserting that the management team was credible, hardy, and resolute in their goal to bring value to its investors. 

We will not fade into the night.

Made famous once again by Trump in recent days, the well-known lines from the original Independence Day movie greatly resonate with the TIOmarkets and trade.io audiences. The TIOnauts – as they are fondly known – have been with TIOmarkets since the beginning. Since before the beginning, in fact. These are a group of core TIOx holders (TIOx being the native token of trade.io), who believe in the trade.io brand and to whom the company owes its initial successes. 

They congregate, confer and discuss on various Telegram channels about the brand, and how the company can bring them value. About the pros and cons of marketing, about how soon -– very soon – or not so soon, various products will be offered. And about the trials and tribulations of being a financial investor. Despite the downturn in crypto in 2018, and the challenges faced by the original brand – through thick and thin, our TIOnauts have seen that we will not dissolve into dust. We will emerge stronger from any challenge faced. And TIOmarkets is the ultimate symbol of this. Born from the ashes of trade.io, TIOmarkets goes from strength to strength, to not only bring credit to its original investors, to its management team, but to every single client who deserves better and who deserves a trading environment that will benefit them.

No-nonsense, nonsense. The evolution of our brand.

We have been over-sensitive to the fatigue of forex customers. We know fully well that other brokerages in the FX industry charge through the nose and often apply inexplicable commissions and fees to boost their own profit margin at the expense of its investors.  Ultimately, this theme – of low-cost trading – and of not falling victim to scams that have given the FX industry a bad name, has pervaded company operations and messaging since inception and to-date.

From fun to finance.

TIOmarkets first got the attention of the FX industry on April Fool’s Day 2019, where the company announced a fake range of questionable and unrealistic offerings on a tongue-in-cheek landing page that was realistic enough to look legitimate, however, cheeky enough for those in the know, to understand that it was a joke. It was a stab at traditional brokerages who lure clients in with unrealistic offerings and unfair or disadvantageous financial products. It was a message to seasoned traders that we know what you are going through and that the TIOmarkets experience is the antithesis of this fruitless, over-promotional nonsense. Announcing later that it was an April Fool’s joke, the company thus asserted its position as a no-nonsense / straightforward broker. Trade with us for an honest, authentic trading experience.

Since then, the company has evolved its messaging to cater for newbies as well as experienced traders. And under the guidance of Stefanos Mitsi, has not only greatly strengthened its operational base, but has taken pains to keep any messaging straight to the point and genuine. The positioning is simple – trade in an environment that favours the trader.

FX firsts

TIOmarkets is the first to offer subscription packages.  One low monthly fee replaces all ad-hoc costs, fees and commissions. The most favourable subscription package – VIP Black – also offers trade reversal. This offering is understood as ‘the opportunity for traders to change their mind after they have placed the trade’. Since launch, the trade reversal tool TIOshield has been copied by other brokerages, however we maintain our market positioning as one of the lowest cost brokerages available anywhere on the markets. The company even boasted upon launch that it could save its traders hundreds – even thousands – of dollars in fees and commissions, depending on the traders’ trading frequency and volume sizes.

TIOmarkets is the first broker to offer deposits by crypto. Our clients can not only deposit by crypto but they are given access to trade CFDs on crypto, allowing them to benefit from the volatility of various popular crypto instruments. Blockchain and crypto can be characterised with transparency and openness. Everything is visible on the blockchain and it is nigh impossible to fake transactions. While the company does not use blockchain technologies for its FX offerings, this fundamental crypto philosophy pervades TIOmarkets. 

As the first broker to publicly display its performance in terms of deposits, partnerships and notional volume, it is not afraid to be held accountable for its progress. Where transparency almost entirely underpins the philosophy of blockchain-based-cryptos, TIOmarkets has inherited the trade.io need to be open and honest about its progress and is ready to face questions from its stakeholders. Members of TIOprime (an evolution of the trade.io Liquidity Pool) have full access to company statistics. They are, after all, investing in the broker. They can use these stats to assess their ongoing participation in the pool which gives them daily payouts according to the performance of TIOmarkets on that day.

We are the first to give daily payments to our clients. We touched upon this in the paragraph above. The better TIOmarkets does, the better our investors do. The company investment scheme – known as TIOprime – has extremely low barriers to entry and allows anybody to participate, provided they front a small initial (and fully withdrawable) investment of 2500 TIOx.

One year after the launch of TIOmarkets, what message would we like to give to FX traders?  We would like to let them know that they will not receive better trading conditions anywhere else in the FX industry. The independent reviews on Trustpilot affirm our commitment to provide a high quality, personalised service to our clients, so if our marketing messages don’t tell the full story, the reviews on Trustpilot do. Ultimately, our goal is to grow the company, for our TIOnauts, for our team, for our traders, for our partners. Our story of growth so far leads us to believe that we are well on the way to becoming one of the top forex brokers worldwide. We know that we will reach our goals, and welcome partners and traders to join us on our journey.  Now, on our first birthday we have not only proven to the world that we have withstood the test of time, but that we are an FX force to reckon with.

Find out more about TIOmarkets by visiting www.tiomarkets.com

NB.  TIOmarkets has an eye for talent and is recruiting talented Business Developers.  For more information on available positions, visit www.tiomarkets.com/careers

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