Tuesday, 11th of August 2020, TIOmarkets announces that industry veteran Janne Muta has joined the team as Chief Market Analyst.

The decision to add a financial specialist to the team is in direct response to the demands of TIOmarkets clientele to provide practical and applicable market news and analysis.

With more than 20 years of experience in the FX, commodities and equities markets, Janne will provide on-point market analysis, giving traders the information necessary to make sound financial trading decisions. His experience as a professional FX trader draws upon skills learned trading futures in London, as well as managing the portfolios of high-net-worth individuals, worldwide. Janne has precisely the right skill-set and character to provide valuable support and engaging tools to clients of all experience levels and portfolio sizes, who are learning to trade.

Janne will offer: 

  • Free: Daily financial commentary on volatile instruments via www.tiomarkets.com/blog 
  • Free: Daily video and market insights via our youtube channel www.youtube.com/tiomarkets 
  • For registrants only: Monthly webinar for new industry entrants as well as more experienced traders www.tiomarkets.com/education 
  • For clients only: SMS alerts for potential market movers
  • For VIP Black subscribers only: 15-minute consultation

TIOmarkets CMO Helen Astaniou commented:We are more than delighted to welcome Janne to the TIOmarkets family.  Offering the highest quality financial analysis is no small task for the company.  We have been looking for the right character with the right skill set to provide a service that suits our demanding, tech-savvy traders of today.  Through Janne’s financial insights, we are more than confident that we can provide our clients with the educational tools to take their trading to the next level.”

About Janne Muta

Over 20 years of experience in FX, commodities and equities markets have made Muta a seasoned financial professional. His career extends from trading futures for a London hedge fund specialized in algorithmic trading to heading a research department of a globally operating FX brokerage house as a Chief Market Analyst. His experience in markets and trading expands over three decades through various technology cycles and global crises that have shaped the trading and investment world. He is also an experienced public speaker in trading seminars as well as a much-liked trading educator in live webinars.

About TIOmarkets

TIOmarkets is a CFD brokerage offering a low-cost trading environment to traders of all portfolio types and experience levels.  Despite being a young brokerage, it positions itself within the industry according to its subscription packages which provide its subscribers with full access to the global markets, with zero commissions and raw spreads.  The TIOmarkets philosophy is to provide its clients with all the tools needed to enjoy an informed and efficient trading experience.

Visit www.tiomarkets.com for more information 

For further questions or comments from the TIOmarkets management team regarding this announcement, please submit your request to [email protected] 

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